How to Screen Share on Discord [Easy Way]

Hello readers, this is our new article on Discord. In this article, we are going to share How to screen share on discord. This is very easy and simple. If you want to screen share on discord then you should read this article once. You will learn a lot of new things about discord also here. Let’s start.

What is Discord?

Discord is one of the best online live video streaming applications and also the most favored app for voice communication available on the internet. This platform is totally free to use and anyone can use it easily. Most users of this app are gamers. They use this platform to communicate with other gamers or friends in the games over the internet.

Full Guide on Discord Screen Share & Video Call

You can use this app even if you are not a gamer, as I already told you that it is free to use for everyone. This platform can be accessed from anywhere in the world. If you use this Discord app then you can create a group of your category without any hassle. When you created the server on discord then just share the link of the server to other people whom you want to add to your server.

What is Screen Share in Discord?

The developers of the Discord app got many requests from passionate gamers to launch the screen share feature. After getting a lot of requests, they added a screen sharing feature in the app where users can do plenty of things.


Almost everyone who uses this discord app does not know that they can share their screen with other users of this app. In fact, they can see your real actions in real-time and the best thing is without any lags or delays. Also one of the best parts about this screen share feature in Discord is that you don’t need to install any additional software in your device to share your screen with anyone.

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The discord user can see your every action with which you will share your screen in this app and also at the same time, you can see the actions which are done by the other people in real-time. There are other features also available in the screen sharing option like you can do video chat with your friends while screen sharing.

After reading these paragraphs, if your excitement increased to know How to screen share on discord then this is the perfect guide for you. Be sure to follow the instructions in the guide properly.

Requirements For Discord Screen Sharing

The full process of screen sharing is very simple and easy that anyone can do easily if they know how to do this. This process will not take more than two minutes to set up. Before we start sharing the step by step tutorial of this process, you should know about the requirements of this.

  • You must have a Discord account that is active to make calls.
  • Also, you need a PC where you can use the live screen sharing feature. This feature is released only for PC users now.
  • That person should be in your friend list whom you want to share screen or call.
  • A good internet connection is compulsory to avoid any problems while screen sharing.
  • You can use a microphone for a clear voice.

How to Screen Share On Discord

This screen sharing feature is not available for smartphone users so if you want to screen share on discord then you have to wait until developers will release it for you. Pc users can take the benefit of this screen share feature on discord.

Video(Camera) & Audio Settings

First, you have to do some basic audio and video configurations for you to call someone and also to enable screen share in Discord.

  • You will find user settings at the bottom left of the screen, on the right of your username. So from the user settings, you have to go to the app settings and then you must have to open the “Voice & Video” tab. And now you can control your all video and voice settings from this place.
  • In the voice settings, you have to select the appropriate input and output device. Usually, these settings are configured by default but to make sure that it is working well. You can do a Mic test by clicking on the “Let’s Check” button.
  • And then, you have to scroll down to the video settings and here you will select the desired video device. It can be your external webcam or even you can select your internal video software of your PC or Laptop 
  • You can do a video test also. Just click on the Test Video button to confirm that the video hardware is working fine.

And now, you have to connect with your roommates, friends, cousins or anyone on the discord.

To-Do a Screen Share Connect With Users on Discord 

Before you start screen share, you should be connected over a call with the person on the Discord app. And also, make sure that you and that person and friends on this platform after that you can screen share with him or her. Now, you can check below.

  • You have to go to the homepage and you can look for the icon of discord on the top-left of the screen. And then, you have to open up the friend list. For opening the friend list, you have to click on the friends.
  • Now, you will hover over the username of that person with whom you will share your screen on discord. After clicking on that username, you can see that there will be an option to come for a video call or voice call.
  • Besides these options, you will get an option of screen sharing also. You have to click on that option and then you can share your screen with anyone.

Final words: Everyone knows that Discord is one of the most popular live-streaming applications in the world. After including this Screen share feature, it has made its identity sharper. For all the users, the Discord Screen share feature is a really good addition. Using this feature gamers can interact more with users. After reading this article, I hope now you know how to screen share on discord. Share this article if anyone wants to know about this. Thanks for visiting our website.

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