Today we are going to tell you to solve “Discord not picking up mic”.We Are Find Best 6 Ways So You Can Easily Fix Mic Picking up Problem. Discord has a problem; sometimes microphone isn’t working on discord, where the gamers can only listen to the other members of the discord channel, but they can’t pick up on his microphone audio.

This problem is only tied to the discord desktop version, as many discord users were reported that their mixes are working fine on the discord web app.

How To Fix Discord Not Picking Up Mic

Discord Not Picking Up Mic

Most of the gamers are ditching Skype and are started to use the Discord for their gaming needs (primary communication tool). For the most part, apps perform flawed tasks with minimal issues. The Discord development team members are so fast to fix these reported bugs, but for several months they have been removed.

Unfortunately, “work-for-all” is not OK, which will make your Discord app magically pick up your microphone again. Sometimes this problem has found from the device not from the discord so before reporting to the discord you should check your device.

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To protect you from searching the entire Internet for all the effective fixes of discard mic mess, we’ve decided to create a curated list with only those fixes that have really helped users resume communication with their teams have helped.

Some best Ways to Fix the Problem (Discord not Picking up the Mic)

Discord Not Picking Up Mic

If you are also facing the same issue, do not worry. Today, in this article, I will go through some easy and best working methods that will surely help you to fix this problem. So I think we should make a post on the methods on how to solve this problem in easy and simple ways. Everyone knows that it is very irritating when you’re participating in a game and suddenly your mic is not working. So try these methods to get rid of the problem:

Method 1: Check your recorder voice and video settings

Discord Not Picking Up Mic

Before you get frustrated, you should go check your voice and video settings. Your Discord configuration may have been messed the voice and video settings. So, you need to reconfigure voice settings once. Follow the given steps below to check your voice and video settings.

  • Open the Discord app on the device and then click on the user settings.
  • Clicking on the user settings icon will open a new window.
  • In this new window, click on Voice and Video option and then you can see your voice and video settings.
  • Next step, you can easily configure your voice settings. Adjust the speaker and microphone set up in the settings window.

Note: You can also tweak the input volume for your mic from these settings. If you had a messed up configuration problem, this little tweak should fix the problem for you.

Method 2: Turn off the microphone in Windows ‘special mode’

Discord Not Picking Up Mic

Exclusive mode is a feature in Windows that allows certain programs to take sole control of specific microphones or other audio devices. The facility is notorious at odds with it, resulting in irregular microphone problems. Here’s how to turn it off:

  • First of all, you should right-click on the speaker icon in the Windows taskbar.
  • Then you have to choose “Recording Device” from the drop-down menu.
  • After this, click on your microphone from the options, then navigate down and click the “Properties” button below.
  • Click on the “Advanced” tab from all the options that run at the top of the Microphone Properties window, which we have just opened.
  • Under “Exclusive Mode”, make sure that the “Allow the application to take exclusive control of this device” and “Allow Exclusive Mode application priority” options are untouched.
  • Click “Apply”, then “OK”.
  • At last, You should restart your PC and do not hurt at this point.

Method 3: Logging out and restoring disorder

Discord Not Picking Up Mic

It really helps, if you continue to log out and then restart the Discord app. Especially if your microphone was already working fine with the internet connection and microphone. Here the steps for log out on the Discord:

  • Open discord and then click on user settings
  • Scroll down until you’ll see a log-out button (a bright red color button) below.
  • Click on the red logout button on discord
  • After doing this, close and restart the discord
  • And then logging using your credentials.

Method 4: Running Discord as an administrator on the device

Discord Not Picking Up Mic

Since Discord has used UDP to send data to your friends, your Discord app may not have the appropriate privileges to broadcast your voice over the Internet. If you want to confirm that this isn’t the case then try running the discord with administrator privileges. This solution is suggested by Discord’s customer support.

To run Discord as an administrator, just right-click on the desktop icon and click on Run as Administrator.

Method 5: Disable special mode in windows

Discord Not Picking Up Mic

In Windows PC, some of the applications have the ability to configured to take control of the audio device driver. When you allow those applications then they create problems for Discord. With some headsets, the microphone in the Discord will be completely quiet if certain settings related to Exclusive mode are enabled. Below we share steps on how to disable special windows:

  • Right-click on the sound/volume icon and tap on Recording Device.
  • Select the microphone and click on Properties.
  • Select the Advanced tab and deselect the checkbox under Unique mode. Do not forget to apply for confirmation.
  • At the last step, you have to reboot your windows and check the problem is solved.

Method 6: Change the input mode to push to talk

Discord Not Picking Up Mic

If all of the above methods have not worked for you then you should try changing the input mode from voice activity to push to talk. Some users were posted that when they changed the input mode, their problem was solved and the microphone starts working again.

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When you change the mode, you have to press a button when you want to say to your gaming community or friends. This is a minor inconvenience, but it can help you to communicate with your friends or team.


In this easy and simple article, we are trying to give you some working methods to fix the discord problem. If you think that this article is useful and it helped you then please recommend or share our website link with your friends. If you have any problems during these methods or you need any help in any methods please comment below. We will reply to you as soon as possible.


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