How To Allocate More Ram To Minecraft [2 Ways]

Today we are going to share the methods of how to allocate more ram to Minecraft. If you are interested in this topic, then read this full article carefully. We tried to keep every information regarding this.

Minecraft is one of the most popular games. It is played by every age group as it has some instruments which are not limited to children only. Minecraft actually takes people into a world of fantasy where it has to create its own three-dimensional world. The game is played with a very beautiful 3D screening and is also filled with millions of devices, which are discovered over time. These devices make it a slightly heavier game requiring a lot of memory, especially when the game is updated.

2 Ways to Allocate More RAM to Minecraft

How to allocate more ram to Minecraft

A player will get many attractive features when the game is updated, but it affects memory. However, a person can still enjoy those advanced features when he can allocate more RAM to the Minecraft server. People usually find it difficult to increase memory, but they should know that difficult work should not be allocated. One can dedicate more RAM than a launcher if it follows some important steps.

In this article or web post, you will get to know how to allocate more memory to Minecraft and remove the low ram barrier which is installed by the game’s default settings. We already recommended that you should try to implement the guidelines in the given order and do not miss any steps otherwise you’ll get stuck.

How To Allocate More RAM In Minecraft Step-By-Step

How to allocate more ram to Minecraft

This is one of the most commonly cited ways to improve the performance of Minecraft on your computer. While it was once one of the more complicated tasks to manually allocate more RAM in Minecraft, Microsoft changed all this with the release of version 2.0.0. Minecraft now offers the ability to adjust the RAM in Minecraft Launcher, which does not require the risk of editing text files and corrupting the game.

Important step: Check RAM memory

First, the user must check the memory of the system. He can test it by pressing the window and pause key simultaneously. This will allow a person to know how much memory can be allocated to Minecraft. If there is not enough memory, the user must install more RAM.

Method 1: How to Give Minecraft More Ram

How to allocate more ram to Minecraft

First Step: Make positive that you’ve got the most up-to-date version of Minecraft (except for the demo).

Second Step: Now go to Start> Settings> System> About and check the total RAM of your computer or PC.

Third Step: Then, Open the Minecraft Launcher by double tap on the Minecraft icon on your PC screen.

Fourth Step: After this, you have to click on the Launch Options tab.

Fifth Step: Make sure your desktop (green switch) has advanced settings enabled and choose the profile you want to edit. If there is only one profile, click it.

Sixth Step: Now toggle on the JVM logic switch in this step.

Seventh Step: Now a line of text with the phrase -X1G should appear. Click to change the number of 1 gigabyte of RAM you want to allocate to Minecraft. You should never give permission or allow to Minecraft game to use more than 2/3 of your overall RAM, or your PC may run into other lagging problems.

Eighth Step: Now click Save at the bottom of the window PC to save your changes.

And that was completed. The next time you load Minecraft, it will use a different amount of RAM you have allocated on your window.

Method 2: How to Give Minecraft More Ram

The process of adjusting the amount of RAM Minecraft is slightly different when hosted on a server, as it is not baked into the launcher like a standard game. However, it is not very complicated:

  • Open your Minecraft server directory (you launch with Minecraft Server and the folder containing the Minecraft_server.exe file). If you are unsure of the location, search for “Minecraft_server” on your PC.
  • To create a text document in the server directory, click Home> New Items> Text Document on the PC.
  • In the new text document, paste the following (if you’re on the PC):

java -Xmx####M -Xms####M -Exe Minecraft_Server.exe -o true Pause

  • Then, you have to replace #### with the value in MB you want to allocate (1GB = 1024MB). For example, if you want to allocate 1.5GB of RAM, you would enter 1536mb or 2GB of RAM, you would enter 2048mb.
  • Click File> Save As … and change the Save as the type of all files. Name of that file server launcher and then you should change the extension from .txt to .bat.
  • That file will now be the new launcher for your Minecraft server which is created by you, just double-click it to run. When you use the .bat file to launch that Minecraft server then it will automatically allocate a specified amount of RAM.


If you want to allocate more RAM in Minecraft then you have to follow the step which is given above. The steps are easy which you can understand and if you get any difficult comment then we will try to reply to you as soon as possible and if you like it. Thanks!

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