How to Bold in Discord in Just a Minute [Step By Step]

Hello friends, if you want to know How to bold in discord and searching about this on the internet. Then don’t worry you will get all your answers and solution in this article. Today, I am going to share the working method of how to write any text in bold in discord. Keep reading this article till the end.

What is Discord?

Discord is an application that is specially made for gamers that help them to communicate with each other. It is a text-chat and voice-chat tool that users can use. Developers of this application made it replace other communication applications that gamers use to communicate with each other online in real-time when they playing games.

Discord users can log in with their username and password. After that they can add friends, join the server and text them or send a voice note to talk from a real-life friend. The discord users can send direct messages to other users, talk, chat, or listen in larger group chats.

Easy Way to Bold in Discord [Full Guide]

How to Bold in Discord

You can customize your texts or sentences in discord but you have to follow the steps which I am going to tell you now. You will learn how to bold, strikethrough, underline and italicize any text or sentence as a starting point. We will start from the basics and then jump on the creating code blocks for these things.

If you want to write a message, text or sentence in bold in discord then it is not a hard thing. In discord, you will get the Markdown Text formatting system. Using that formatting system you can format your message faster than you can write “message”. Because in this system you only need to press the keyboard buttons for few times to write a text or sentence in bold. Below, we share a full step by step tutorial guide on How would I bold text on Discord in just a few steps.

What is Markdown Text Formatting?

Markdown is a lightweight markup language first which is released in the year 2004. This lightweight markup language comes with the plain text formatting syntax. It was totally designed to make easy or simple to write and read. Native only supports HTML, but Markdown is used in a plain text editor, for example creating rich text to compose messages in an online forum. are you looking to How to report someone on discord?

How to Bold in Discord (Using Markdown Text Formatting System)

First of all, I want to tell all of you that Discord has not made any visible tool for formatting the text or sentences. But still, you can bold your texts and sentences in Discord. Just follow this process:

When you go to bold any text in Discord then just put two pairs of asterisks (**) at the start and at the end of the sentence or text. The asterisk sign is SHIFT + 8 on your keyboard. For example, you can see this. 

  • Input: **The sentence will look bold**
  • Output: The sentence will look bold

How to Bold in Discord (Unicode Bold Text)

How to Bold in Discord

By the way, Markdown Syntax is the easiest method to make your text bold in the Discord platform but you should know that this is not the only option for all of us. We can generate a few different styles also using Unicode bold text in discord that allows us to style the text in bold mode a little differently.

  • First of all, you have to log in to the Discord platform and then just write your text what you want to post. Do not click on the post button now.
  • Next step, you have to go to YayText’s bold text generator and then write the text which you want to bold in the Discord. And now click on the “copy” button next to the bold style which you want to use in Discord. Your styled text is now copied to the clipboard.
  • After that, you have to replace the text. Paste that bold text which you copied from the bold text generator into your Discord chat message. And now, You’re done. You did your Discord message or text bold.

Note: You can use any type of bold style in the Discord chat message. You can use one of those YayText’s bold styles in your one text on Discord chat message. For example, you can mix the font styles like serif, sans-serif, and bold italic styles one after another.

Final words: I hope, now you learn these two working ways about how to bold in discord easily in few steps. After reading this full article, now you are an expert in formatting the text styles in the Discord. This can help you in many situations. If any of your friends want to know about this then please share our article with them. Comment which method you will use for yourself to make bold texts in discord. Thanks for reading this article till the end.

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