How To Delete a Discord Server [Full Guide]

Today, we are going to share some methods on how to delete a discord server. So, if you are interested in this topic then read this full article.

Discord is a messaging service made for gamers. If you’re streaming live, you have many features, including game modes, so that you don’t display private information, voice chat, emotions, and many other features useful to gamers. It can also be used as a regular messaging service, even if you are not a gamer. Setting up your own server is also very easy, and you can download the app or access it through your web browser.

Best Way to  Delete a Discord Server

How to delete a discord server

If you play most online games on the PC, then you should take the time to know about Discord server. This discord service is designed and made to help gamers coordinate and communicate through the private servers and it allows you to text and voice-chat with other people. The Discord application only works with smartphones and desktop platforms, blending the features of a VoIP chat system, a message board and a chat lobby into an app on your phone or PC.

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Most of the servers are made related to gaming, you can find so many public disorder servers that focus on a wide variety of topics, including anime, self-improvement, cryptocurrency, memes and just making friends. There is no need for any server for gaming because you can discuss anywhere games, so if you want a place to discuss a topic, you can always create one. Easy places to search and find public servers.

How to make a discord server

Adding a server might not be easy for anyone, so log-in to your discord account and get started to make a discord server for yourself!

How to delete a discord server

  1. First, you should login to the discord account where you create your server.
  2. After the disk application is loaded, you will see the “+” button at the bottom of the servers that you have currently joined.
  3. You will see a box open at the top of this section. Click on that box “Create a Server”.
  4. You should select a good or cool server name, logo or icon and region then choose “Create”
  5. Now you created your personal discord server.
  6. For adding members, just copy your own disorder Server URL and send an invitation to your friends/colleagues or anyone you want to join there.

Done! As before i told you creating a discord server is so simple, now you have a discord server. Add your friends/colleagues/ family members or anyone you want.

How to delete a discord server

How to delete a discord server

Somehow, if you get bored with this discord Server or you want to take a break from this Discord server. You don’t need any reason to leave this server and just want to delete your own discord server.

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Removing a Discord Server is easy and the process is very simple. You don’t need to do many things, just a few simple clicks and you will delete your discord server in seconds. You should keep in mind this thing. The discord server owner is the only person who has the power and privilege to delete the discord server. Not any other person has permission to delete the server.

  1. First, you have to right-click on your discord server on the discord app.
  2. Then, navigate to the “Server Settings” and click on the “Overview”.
  3. And now you are in the discord server overview section that allows you to make the changes to the discord server. On the bottom and the left side of the navigation bar, you will see a button “Delete Server” in the red color, click on it.
  4. At last, entering the name of the server you want to delete and click “delete server”.

Now, Your discord server is no more available! The beauty of Discord is how easy it is, so if you accidentally remove anything, it will take you just seconds to rebuild.

How to transfer ownership of discord server

How to delete a discord server

  1. First, you should log into your Discord account in which you want to transfer ownership.
  2. After this step, open the discord server menu clicking on the down arrow with the server name. Now open the Server Settings option.
  3. In the discord server settings option, you will see the user management category and the member option, click on it.
  4. Now, you will see all the members of your server. Select that member whom you want to make the owner of the discord server and then click on the options button that appears in front of that member’s name.
  5. At last, just click on the Transfer Ownership button and done.
  6. Accept the transfer by turning on the toggle bar, and then click on Transfer Ownership.


Using Discord server as your voice chat and discussion service is always fun and interactive. Instead of using push to talk features on your game, you can use non-push to talk disk as a service. In addition, you can connect to several channels on Discord which may be of interest to you as it is always fun and makes you intuitive about your favorite games. If you got any problem on creating or deleting the discord server then please comment below, we will solve your problem as soon as possible.

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