How To Remove iCloud Activation Lock with these Tools [100% Working]

You may have seen various fake iCloud Activation Lock removal Tools on the internet, but now you don’t need to search for them anymore. We bring you the effective and tested iCloud Activation lock removal tools. These kinds of tools are tough to find and the thing is that, if you forget your iCloud username or Password, you can log in to your account. And only these tools can help you. 

So, to prevent you from downloading any virus or malware program from the internet we create a list of the best 10 iCloud Activation Lock removal programs. Many tools claim to unlock iCloud; however, most of them are unsuccessful and insert malware in your system. Continue to read this article to learn how to remove the iCloud Activation Lock with these tools. 

What are iCloud Activation Lock Removal Tools?

Remove iCloud Activation Lock

If you forget your password, you will be locked out after trying your password several times or you will need to unlock it if you buy someone else’s locked iPhone. Apple mobiles and computers have the most stringent security features to unlock. In that case, you can use these iCloud Activation Lock Removal Tools, which will help you to remove the iCloud Activation Lock without any interruption.

After a comprehensive analysis on how to remove the iCloud Activation Lock, we offer you the following iPhone Activation Lock Removal Tools. Let’s see how to get rid of the iCloud Activation Lock! 

10 Best iCloud Activation Lock Removal Tools

Remove iCloud Activation Lock

If you are looking for a reliable tool for iCloud activation removal, you have come to the right place. Here are the top 10 iCloud Activation Removal Tools. These iCloud removal tools work well on iCloud lock removal. Let’s look at each one individually.

1.Tenorshare 4MeKey

Tenorshare 4MeKey has another iCloud Activation Lock Removal Tool that can help you remove your old Apple ID and password from your iOS device. New users can handle this without having to deal with a lot of problems.

Remove iCloud Activation Lock

To successfully remove the iCloud Activation Lock from your iOS device, first, you need to download and find the software on your computer. After you install and launch it, a screen will appear saying “Download Apple Driver” if you have not already installed it. You need to wait a few minutes until this process completes.

Now you will have a similar screen. Read the precautions and press “Start”. Once you have completed it, you will be asked to agree to their terms and conditions, which you must agree to continue. You have to do the same and proceed to the next step. At this point, you need to connect your iOS device to the computer to start the unlock process.

Once your device is connected, you will see a similar screen asking you to jailbreak your device. You can do it yourself or follow the on-screen tutorial link to follow step by step. When done, press “Next”. Now, you have to wait for a while to follow the removal procedure. When done, you will see something similar.

iCloud activation has been successfully removed from your iOS device. Now you can test your device and access the App Store with your new Apple ID. This software is compatible with iOS devices from iPhone 5S, 6, 6s, 6 Plus, 7, 7s, 8, and iPhone X. You can also use it on other Apple devices with iOS 12 and 14, such as the iPod and iPod Pro.

However, some users found that their device could not be found and the response was slow. There has been some criticism of its download speed. It does not remove the iCloud Activation Lock.

Key Features:

  • Comparable to all iOS devices.
  • Provide options to quickly find lost password without expertise
  • Easy and secure way to unlock iOS devices
  • Easy to use and user friendly.

2.AnyUnlock – iCloud Activation Unlocker

Do you forget your Apple ID and Locked from your iPhone? Does the Screen time passcode not work? Don’t worry! AnyUnlock – iCloud Activation Unlocker is here to help you with these issues.

Remove iCloud Activation Lock

AnyUnlock – iCloud Activation Unlocker is an iCloud Activation Unlocker tool that is easy to use and offers various options to unlock your locked Apple devices and services. The device is very fast and easy to use and has a high success rate in unlocking locked Apple devices. 

AnyUnlock has a simple user interface that bypasses the iCloud activation lock and lists three main functions of the software that detect the Apple ID and verify the device. As soon as you launch the software, connect the device to your computer and you will be given the start button to skip the iCloud activation. 

When you connect your iPhone or iPad to the computer, it will notify you that the iOS device is connected and you can start the process. It can be used for four main purposes: To unlock Apple ID, iPhone Lock Screen, Screen Time Password, and iTunes Backup password. You can remove the passcode in simple three steps without any expert knowledge. 

Key Features:

  • Remove Apple ID from iOS devices with a single click
  • Skip any kind of iPhone screen passcode
  • Easily unlock iPhone backup encryption
  • Delete screen time / restrictions passcode
  • Find, view, and export various iOS passwords


This tool does an amazing job of instantly unlocking your iPhone and iPod without a passcode. You can unlock Face ID and Touch ID. If your screen is damaged, you bought a used locked phone, forgot your passcode, forgot the passcode set by others, or you are locked out after trying the password multiple times.

Remove iCloud Activation Lock

It is reliable and easy to use solution with a simple interface, and price plans start at just 95 19.95.

If you forget your iPhone / iPad passcode for any reason, unlock the iPhone / iPad lock screen, this tool will be there to help you. You can unlock a second-hand iPhone / iPod and wipe all old data, allowing you to use it as a new iPhone / iPad. You can also unlock the iOS screen If your iPhone / iPad screen breaks, it allows you to log in to the system and use it instantly.

You can remove the unintentionally set passcode by others on your iPhone or iPad. It quickly unlocks your device after several incorrect password attempts. It deletes someone else’s current Apple ID on your iPhone / iPad so you can log in to your Apple ID on the iOS device.

Key Features: 

  • Easy to use 
  • Ad-free and 100% virus-free 
  • Offer passcode reset options 

4.Doulci iCloud Unlocking Tool

Doulci Activator is software-created software designed to bypass the iCloud Activation Lock. This tool creates a mirror server through iTunes. Basically, with the help of iTunes, the developers of Doulci found a weak point in Apple’s security and used it to create an effective tool that could bypass the iCloud Activation Lock.

Remove iCloud Activation Lock

Doulci is a great iCloud Activation Lock Removal Tool. It’s easy to use and works on all iOS devices, including the iPod Touch. This is not a UI device, so it allows you to run your iCloud Bypass Server.

The first thing you need to know is that Doulci is only compatible with iOS 7.1.2 or lower. It is not clear how Doulci works. How come? Well, interestingly, its creator understood. If the process of the site is public knowledge, hackers can build their versions of the site using the same method, but fix it with malware and viruses.

Simply put, they seem to make online solutions more likely to work efficiently, but it may collect personal information or infect your computer or device with malware. To use this iCloud Unlock tool with Doulci, all you have to do is visit the site, fill out a form with basic information about your iPhone, submit your contact details, and wait a few days. 

Key Features:

  • Compatible with Windows and Linux.
  • Don’t need to enter much information like IMEI 
  • Supports all iOS devices
  • User friendly.
  • Offer video tutorials.

5.iCloud Activation Bypass Tool 1.4

iCloud Activation Bypass Tool 1.4 is one of the best iCloud Activation Lock Removal Tools used by many now. This device connects directly to Apple servers to activate iCloud and is very easy to use.

Remove iCloud Activation Lock

All the activities you see are displayed in the home interface. So, it is super user-friendly. Throughout the process, you can check the DFU Mode Guide to continue. You can use this software without paying any bucks and you will not lose any data. This is especially useful when you are trying to remove the iCloud Activation Lock with iCloud Activity Removal and skip the uniform iCloud Activation Lock.

iCloud bypass the process with a single click. No need to install other devices or on your PC. After skipping your device, you can use the new Apple ID and Apple Store ID on your device. This tool is not as simple as others, so you may need some computer skills. However, if you are looking 

Key Features:

  • Simple steps for unlocking iCloud 
  • No need to install anything 
  • Support all iPhone series.
  • Offers 24/7 support for any issue.
  • Used for multiple purposes.

6.Open My iCloud Easy Unlock Tool

Remove iCloud Activation Lock

Open My iCloud Activation Lock Removal Tool is one of the most widely used tools to help unlock or bypass iCloud Lock. It is easy to use and comes with tutorials to help users understand effectively. It can be used by professionals and beginner users just like any other software.

It is compatible with the iOS system from iOS 7 to iOS 11. You must remember that the device uses your device’s IMEI number to continue unlocking. Open My iCloud Easy Unlock Tool uses a Mirror activation server that can activate your iPhone, iPad, and iPod when connected to iTunes. Open My iCloud Easy Unlock Tool works on all iOS devices. 

You just need the phone’s IMEI number to unlock your iPhone. You can use this tool online also. It works perfectly fine on Linux, Windows, and Lac. 

Key Features:

  • All iOS versions are supported.
  • Unlock the iCloud Activation Lock with the device’s IMEI.
  • Works on Mac, Linux, and Windows.
  • Can be used offline.

7.iMyFone iBypasser

IMyFone iBypasser allows you to bypass the iCloud activation lock without the Apple ID passcode. You can also use it for iPhone, iPad, and iPod. When you remove the iCloud Activation Lock, you will now access the device, but not your new Apple ID phone call, cellular or iCloud. So, that’s something to remember.

iMyFone iBypasser offers two versions, the first one is a trial version and the other is a paid license. This software allows users to bypass the iCloud activation lock on some iOS devices. This functionality is easy for users who do not have the sign-in details of the iCloud account and want to use their account to take advantage of all iCloud features.

The great thing that as long as you have a license for this solution, you can use it as many times as you need for the same device. It doesn’t matter if you forgot your password, hacked your Apple ID, or bought a second-hand locked device, iMyFone iBypasser works in all situations.

Key Features: 

  • Easy to use 
  • Used for hacked Apple ID
  • Variety of features in the paid version 


Remove iCloud Activation Lock

Wondershare’s Dr.Fone lets you skip the iCloud lock on your iPhone and iPod in seconds, without the need for technology. It can unlock phones with Face ID and Touch ID along with 4-digit and 6-digit passcodes. As long as your device runs on iOS 11.4 and above, you can easily remove the lock. 

First, you need to install the software, click a few buttons and you’re done. It’s so easy. They also have a bunch of useful articles on unlocking the iOS devices you need to read. So, the main thing is to get the virus-free software.  Download Doctor Phone – Download Screen Unlock (iOS) on your computer first. 

Then, you need to install and launch the device now. Now, you need to select the “Screen Unlock” option from the main interface. After selecting the Unlock tab, you will be taken to a new screen. Here, you have to click on the “Unlock Apple ID” option to unlock iCloud. Take the USB cable help and connect your device to the computer. 

Now, enter your screen password and unlock your device to trust the computer. This makes the scanning process smoother. Reset all settings on your device. Before we unlock the iCloud Activation Lock, take your iPhone and follow the on-screen instructions to reset the settings. When done, reboot your device. This will start the unlocking process naturally.

When your device reboots, the unlock process begins. Wait a few seconds and let the process complete. When the program unlocks iCloud, a pop-up window appears. Doctor Fine is available for Mac and Windows.

Key Features: 

  • Reliable and Trusted tool 
  • Don’t need Apple ID or Passcode
  • Unlock iPhones with Face ID and Touch ID
  • Works with Mac and Windows 


A device capable of removing the iCloud Activation Lock by the method approved by Applecare does not provide a more “legitimate” way for the iPhone to handle this process. While most other devices on this list offer an option to unlock your iOS device with the help of IMEI, focusing entirely on this tool at this point is guaranteed to work.

The steps to remove the activation lock with iPhoneIMEI are very simple. You need to Enter your IMEI number for the device to identify your phone model and network. This will delete the existing iCloud account, lock it and ask you to create a new one. 

After completing these 3 simple steps, you will have a new iCloud account and an accessible iOS device without revoking your Applecare warranty.

IPhoneIMEI has many professional technicians for the benefit of customers. And they always available to help customers as best they can. They have a 100% refund policy and if your device is locked again you will be entitled to a 100% refund on your unlock fee.

iPhoneIMEI does not install spam or scam apps on my iPhone. There are some unlocks that rely on jailbreak methods, which not only expose your iPhone to security threats but also freeze your device frequently. IPhoneIMEI, on the other hand, offers only the official iPhone Unlock iPhone, certified and certified by Apple. inc.

Key Features:

  • Excellent customer support 
  • Reliable and 100% virus-free
  • Works with Mac and Windows 


GadgetWide works the same as the other tools listed above, but it is reliable and 100% virus-free. You can use this software to bypass iCloud lock activation. It is super easy to use. However, if you are stuck somewhere in between, GadgetWide offers you support and tutorials. 

It is free to download and use this software. It works with iOS 7 and later versions. It doesn’t offer portable software. So, you need to download this software to unlock your iOS device. 

Key Features:

  • One of the most highly rated tools in the market
  • Free to download and use
  • Highly effective and easy to use


I hope this article helps you to find the best iCloud Activation Lock removal software. It may be possible that some of them do not support the latest versions of iOS devices. In such a case, you can try the other alternative from this list. Comment below if you have any questions. 

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