How to Disable the Asus Touchpad

ASUS is a multinational company found in 1989 by four former Acer employees. ASUS is a Taiwanese company and now operating worldwide. It is producing the best quality of laptops, PCs, tablet computers, personal data assistants, sound cards, graphic cards, DVD drives, computer cases, components, motherboards, and computer cooling systems. Now this company is also known as OEM (original equipment manufacturer). This company is now the 5th largest PC vendor. Headquarters of ASUS are in TAIPEI and TAIWAN.

Today, ASUS is launching new mobiles for today’s and tomorrow’s life with ASUS ZenFone™ series. With it’s a revolution in the PC industry, it became to known in North America in 2007 and this amazing company has started developing IoT and robotics technologies. With the advancement in ASUS, this company has earned US$ 13.3 billion in 2016. This company operates across 32 countries with its 50 service sites with 400 partners. 

How to Disable the Asus Touchpad

How to Disable the Asus Touchpad

Most of the company Laptops comes with a key for enabling and disabling the touchpad. Simply hold the function button and press the key F9 or F3 to turn on or off the device. But some of the laptops can’t have Enable or disable button. Users find it difficult to turn off the touchpad.If you do not want to do any hustle get software from Softwarestoic and do this all thing automatically without troubling yourself much

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Here are some basic and simple steps to switch off the ASUS touchpad.

  • Go to “start” button and then reach Control panel.
  • Double click the mouse option below the “hardware and sound” option and then click the hardware tab.
  • Change the setting of your mouse to disabled and then “ok” to save your settings.
  • Now double click the “system and security” and then click on “Device manager”.
  • Scroll down the Mice and other device option and click on “+” to expand the menu.
  • Right click the mouse and then disable the option.
  • Click “OK” to save your settings
  • Your touchpad has been disabled.

TIP:If you want to enable the touchpad. Simply reverse these all steps.


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