Hello friends, I wish you were all very good. If you are suffering from this problem driver overran stack buffer, today I am going to share how to solve driver overrun stack buffer in this article. Read this full article to learn ways to resolve driver overran stack buffer.

Encounter driver overran stack buffer is Blue Screen of Death error? Do not be disappointed. The error can be caused by many issues, such as older drivers, corrupted system files, and more. Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8 or Windows 7 have some effective solutions to fix the driver overran stack buffer error.

How To Fix Driver Overran Stack buffer [Windows 10]

If you have a bad driver on your PC, there is a high probability that you will run into a driver overrun stack buffer blue screen error. Many Windows users have recently reported checking this bug at Windows startup while installing Windows Update or a new application or playing a game.

The error appears randomly with a value 0x000000F7 and forces your PC to reboot to prevent permanent damage to your system. The most likely causes of this error include malware attacks, missing or outdated drivers, hardware and software conflicts, and corrupted system files. The BSOD error can cause your PC to get stuck in a restart loop, making the device unusable. Learn more about the solutions listed below:

[Fixed] Driver is Stack Buffer Windows 10

Driver overran Stack buffer

Method 1 – Install The Latest Windows Update

The Blue Screen of Death error can be caused by both hardware and software issues, and to fix this problem, it is highly recommended that you download the latest Windows 10 update.

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Many of these updates address hardware and software issues, but they fix some security flaws, so if you want your PC to be safe and free of errors, we highly recommend that you use Windows Update and download the latest update. To check for the latest updates, you just need to do the following:

  • Open the Settings app. You can do this by pressing the Windows key + I on your keyboard.

Driver overran Stack buffer

  • When the Settings app opens, navigate to Updates and Security.

Driver overran Stack buffer

  • Windows will now check for available updates. If an update is available, they will be installed automatically.

After All You Problem driver overran stack buffer is Fix Now.

Method 2 – Run Check Disk

You may get a driver overran stack buffer error due to corruption issues on your hard drive. Check Disk Utility can test integrity and fix errors on your hard drive, and can, therefore, help you get rid of the error. To run this utility:

  • Click on the Start menu (Windows logo) at the bottom left of your screen, then type “cmd“. When you see “Command Prompt” in the menu above, right-click it and then choose “Run as Administrator“.
  • In the command box, type “chkdsk / r” and press on entering.
  • When you are asked if the next time you run the check to restart the system, press Y and then enter.
  • Turn off the command prompt and restart your computer. The system will run the check the next time the computer is restarted.

Method 3: Uninstall the Defective Software

If the error occurs immediately after installing an application or installing a new driver, this new program may be the cause of the error.

To uninstall the newly installed application from the Start menu, press Uninstall and select Programs and Features.

This will open the window to uninstall or modify the program, select the program you want to install and remove it.

Users also reported that the report plugin for Internet Explorer may cause a driver overran stack buffer error. Another application that may be causing this error is the folder lock, so we recommend that you remove it from your PC.

Method 4: Running Malware Scan

If your PC is infected with malware, a driver overran stack buffer error can also occur because malware can damage or delete corrupted files. Run anti-malware software that you have installed, then run a malware scan and clean up the detected malware. If there is no anti-malware program, you can download and install it.

Method 5: Run Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool

If your PC’s RAM (random access memory) is corrupted, you may experience frequent crashes, reboots, or beeping sounds at Windows startup. If you have recently expanded your memory, try to check if it solves the problem. If you have not added a new memory, you need to run a diagnostic test with your RAM to check for memory failure and errors. using This Method driver overran stack buffer error is Fix in Simples steps.

To run the Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool:

  • Press Windows key and type memory.
  • Choose “Windows Memory Diagnostic”.
  • Choose one of these options: “Restart now and check for problems” or “Check for problems next time I start my computer”.
  • If you choose the first option, be sure to save all your files and close all running programs. This process can take some time, and you will see progress bars during clinical trials.

If memory corruption is found in the Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool, this could be a possible cause of the driver overran stack buffer blue screen error. Your best option is to replace the bad memory to solve the problem.

Method 6: Turn Off Fast Startup Feature

Windows 10 added the Fast Startup feature, (Hybrid Shutdown Feature) to reduce startup time, allowing Windows to start up much faster. There are some disadvantages to this feature that cause various problems on Windows 10. Many Windows users report after deactivating the Windows 10 Fast Startup feature.

You can choose Fast Startup Feature Open Control Panel -> Large Icon View -> Power Options -> Choose what the power buttons do -> Click Change currently unavailable settings. Uncheck here fast turn off startup (recommended). Save settings and restart your PC. Now, see if this actually fixes the driver overrun stack buffer blue screen error.

Method 7: Check Your RAM And Other Hardware Components

Your hardware can often cause these types of errors, and if you have recently installed any new hardware, we recommend that you remove or replace it and check if the error has been fixed. If your hardware is not compatible with your motherboard, your system will crash and you will get a BSOD error.

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Defective hardware can also cause this error. Therefore we strongly recommend you check your RAM as RAM can be a common cause of such errors. If RAM is working fine then be sure to check your every other hardware component.

Your antivirus software may be the common cause of BSOD errors, and to correct this error, we recommend you to temporarily remove all third-party antivirus programs. Keep in mind that uninstalling the program cannot fix the error because many antivirus programs leave some files behind before you uninstall.

To ensure that your antivirus is completely removed from your system, we recommend that you use a dedicated removal tool. Many antivirus companies have these tools available for download, so be sure to download one for your antivirus software. I Think Your All Above Method Try Out But Not Fix driver overran stack buffer. But Don’t Worry We Have 1 More Method To Fix driver overran stack buffer.

Method 8: Reset Windows 10

If this error is caused by software, you should be able to fix it by resetting Windows 10. Resetting Windows 10 will remove all files from your C drive, so be sure to backup them. We have to mention that you may need a bootable USB flash drive with Windows 10 to complete this step, so it is a good idea to build it. To reset Windows 10, follow these steps:

Driver overran Stack buffer

  • Restart your computer a few times during the boot sequence to begin the automatic repair.
  • Choose Troubleshooting> Reset this PC> Remove Everything. During this step you may be asked to insert Windows 10 installation media, so make sure you have one ready.
  • Choose only the drive where Windows is installed> just delete my files and click the reset button.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the Windows 10 reset.

If Windows 10 does not fix the reset issue, it means that there is a DRIVER OVERRAN STACK BUFFER error by your hardware.


The driver overran stack buffer Blue Screen of Death error is usually caused by problematic applications or older drivers, and you can easily fix this error using one of our solutions. These are some great tips that fix DRIVER OVERRAN STACK BUFFER BLUE SCREEN ERROR on a Windows 10 computer. Still, if you have any type of query related to those tips, the suggestions in the article or you have new ways to fix this error feel free to comment below.


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