Today we are going to share the details of how to change default google account. If you are interested in this topic, then read this full article carefully.

In this digital world, we all have the same Google Email address with all of our details like data, contacts, media, and apps, which we take with us to every medium like smartphones, tablets, or PCs we sign in.

4 Easy Steps To Change Default Google Account

How TO Change Default Google Account

These days almost every person has more than one Google account as one for work, one for personal use, and one for other minor uses, etc. Google always offers a “multiple sign-in” feature to Gmail, and it gives us various options and Google helps between accounts, and Gmail addresses easily.

If you no longer need the old Google ID, we’ll show you how to remove it from the device and add a new Google Account. This can also come in easiest way when you are lending your phone or tablet to a friend for a short period of time and do not want them to have access to your data.

How to add multiple Google accounts to any android smartphones

How TO Change Default Google Account

Regardless of whether or not you have already added the Google account, the process is the same for adding further accounts:

  • Open your Phone’s android settings and then scroll to the Accounts option.
  • Click on the ‘Account’, then choose Google from the list.
  • Enter your phone number or email address on the given column there, then click Next
  • Enter any strong password for your google account and click on Next
  • Then, read the Terms of Service and guidelines and click ‘I agree’
  • And, here you created an email address.

In all Google apps tied to your Google account, you will now be able to switch between accounts by tapping your profile icon or the three right-hand top button and clicking on the downward triangle exactly next to the selected account. Unless you change the default settings, you will receive notifications for both accounts.

How to change default google account

If you have multiple Gmail accounts registered on your Android smartphone, and if you don’t want the first account listed as your primary account, delete it, then you can add the next account in the list to make it the primary account.

How TO Change Default Google Account

First Step: Go to the Settings then Account and Google on your phone and tap on the ‘More’ option and select “Delete Account”. When prompted to confirm the deletion, select the Delete account.

Second Step: After deleting, return to the “Account Settings” screen and click “Add Account”. Choose the account you want to add. Then the added account becomes your default google account on your device.

If you plan to replace the primary account with a new account, you must delete the existing primary Gmail account and add a new account. Follow the method given below:

First Step: Go to the Google Settings from your phone settings. Go to Accounts and Privacy.

Second Step: Select Google Account -> Choose Email to change your primary Google Account. Then that selected email account becomes the default Google account on your Android smartphone.

How to remove a Google ID from Android

After setting up multiple Google accounts on the same Android device you can decide that you don’t want them at all.

You can remove all the google accounts and all data on your phone with a factory reset setting (go to Settings> System> Advanced> Reset Options> Erase All Data), but this is an extreme solution. If you want to continue using the device and don’t. It is possible. ‘Don’t want to lose everything.

You have another option also, open the Settings menu and choose Accounts. Click on that account which one you want to remove from your device and choose Remove account.

You will be warned that deleting the account will delete all its messages, contacts and other data from the phone (but not from the account itself, provided it is backed up correctly). If you are serious about this then click Remove Account.

An important note about your Google Account settings

How TO Change Default Google Account

According to Google, each Google account has its own different settings, but when you are signed in to multiple Google accounts, sometimes Google cannot really tell which one you are using. In this case, some settings may be applied to the wrong Google account.

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For example, when you open a new web browser window while signing in to your two Google accounts, Google may not be able to tell which one you want to use in that new window. The settings for that new window will usually be applied to your default Google account.


Most people will add their primary Google account to an Android smartphone or tablet during the setup process, but in reality, you are not required to do so. If you have no interest in taking advantage of any of Google’s services or downloading third-party applications in the Google Play Store, Android devices are not required to sign in to a Google account.


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