How To Make a Clan in Destiny 2 [Full Guide]

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What began as a small addition to the original Destiny has transformed into a larger-scale element of Destiny. I am definitely talking about clan functionality. Destiny 2 includes dozens of gamers allowed to join together under a banner, fight for a common cause, and earn terrible loot. But before this happens, you need to know how to create a clan and invite people to a clan in Destiny 2!

Best Ways To make a clan in Destiny 2 And where to go from there

How to make a clan in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 clans can create easily and you can join the players independently and earn clan bonuses. Bonuses include perks, XP boost, and other rewards. To create or join the Destiny 2 clan, you need to go through some “red tape”. We hope that this guide on creating and join clans in Destiny 2 will help you when you are in trouble.

Several steps need to be completed to create your Destiny 2 clan. The first thing is open Destiny Companion, either via the companion app or Create a revolution, and get creative. Enter your clan name, mission statement, motto, and set the parameters for membership. Whatever you choose there, only the entry and founder will be able to allow people.

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Once this is done, customizing your clan will open for you. Pick your banner and switch other stuff the way you want. To reclaim the benefits of being in a clan, you will need a minimum of two members. The membership cap is 100 members. To appear in the game you will need two members for your Destiny 2 clan.

How to make a Destiny 2 Clan Via the Companion App

How to make a clan in Destiny 2

To create Destiny 2 clan via Companion App, you have to follow given steps below:

  • If you have not already downloaded and installed the Destiny 2 companion app. It is available for both Android and iOS platforms.
  • Launch the Destiny 2 Companion App and sign in with your, PlayStation Network or Xbox Live account.
  • Tap at the bottom of the screen and then click on the create clan.
  • Fill your clan name, call sign, motto, and introduction, then choose your language and membership options. You also have to choose which clan to build a Destiny account under. When you’re done, tap on Create Clan.
  • Done, You created Destiny clan 2.

How to make a Destiny 2 clan through Bungie website

Already, If you have a group of players ready to play together in Destiny 2, then you’re ready to create your own clan on Bungie’s website.

How to make a clan in Destiny 2

Open the official clan creation page and scroll down. You’ll see a few different entry areas here, including your clan’s name as well as your motto, which can help match your clan with players who may not know you personally. The shorthand section is usually an abbreviation for your clan name that will appear next to your username, similar to the clan tag seen in other shooters.

Once you have chosen your name and motto, press the button at the bottom of the page to go to your clan’s main menu in your Internet browser. To see your clan information, click on the banner icon at the bottom of the app.

Now, you want to add players to populate your clan. While playing Destiny 2 you can always send them a clan invite, but to make the process a little easier, you can also send them a link to your profile page. To get there, go to the main menu of your clan and click on the clan profile.

How to join players in Destiny 2 clan

Inviting new players to your clan is not as easy as you think, it really a bit involved. To invite another player to your clan, you must first make sure that you are either the person who made the clan or the clan’s administrator. If you are not any of these roles, you will not be able to invite anyone else directly, so ask the founder or admin to make you any role for this.

How to make a clan in Destiny 2

In the event you have the permission to invite the other players, you will need to add them as a friend before you can send them a clan invitation. To do this, you have to locate them in-game, inspect them and invite them to the clan from the menu.

Alternatively, any player may request to join their clan through the in-game interface or by following a direct link to the clerk page. One needs to be able to talk to them outside of the game to send a link, either via mobile or some chat-client like Discord or Facebook messenger.

To send a link to another player, log into your account and using the top menu, click on the “Clan” and select “My Clan”. Copy the URL and send it to another player. When they receive it, they must request to join the clan. At this point, the clan’s founder or administrator will need to approve to add another player’s request based on the clan’s permission settings.

Earn Rewards on Destiny 2 Clan

How to make a clan in Destiny 2

The best thing about joining the Destiny 2 clan is that it provides you with more loot. Clan earns Special “Clan Engines”, which provide you with new weapons and armors to complete multiple activities you are already going to do in Destiny 2. At the top of your clan’s profile, next to your banner, you’ll see the section labeled Rewards with four icons. You can earn these prizes each week for completing four of the game’s toughest challenges:

  • Complete the nightfall strike with your clan
  • Nine complete tests with his clan
  • Completing the Leviathan raid with his clan
  • Participating in the crucible with your clan

Although almost half of your fireteam players must be members of your Destiny 2 clan, it will count towards your rewards. These rewards can be claimed easily and only once per week, and only one player or character can use it per account, so you won’t be able to knock out your Titan, Warlock, and Hunter all at once.

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Thus, Now You all know about the Destiny 2 Clan. If you are getting any type of problems on creating Destiny 2 Clan or joining Players into the Destiny 2 clan, comment in the below section. We will reply to you asap. Thanks for reading.

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