How to Breed Horses in Minecraft [Full Guide]

Hello friends, are you searching about the ways of How to breed horses in Minecraft and entered in this website. Then you don’t need to worry about it, just read this whole article and you’ll get to know how to breed the horses in Minecraft. 

Easy Way to Breed Horses in Minecraft

How to Breed Horses in Minecraft [Full Guide]

Horses are confident and calm compatriots in the Minecraft. Found in herds of two to six, they roam the grass in the plains and savannah biomes and rotate the tails of their flocks. But this life is a one-sided, obscure, and proud horse is a creature worthy of greater adventure. It is possible to breed horses in the Minecraft to make a baby horse, also known as a foal. Once that baby horse grows up, you can tie and ride it like any other Minecraft horse.

For the traveling, you have the useful horses in the Minecraft, starting a breeding program becomes incredibly useful if anything happens to your horse while you travel. Breeding is also probably used to increase the stats of the horses in the Minecraft so that new breeds can jump higher, run faster, and suffer more damage than their parents. So, you should know how to breed horses in Minecraft. Read more to know.

How to Breed Horses in Minecraft

All animals in Minecraft come to make a resource easier to track down or with a viable use to make your gameplay experience easier. If you want to travel long distances then Horses are a great form of transportation. However, you will need a saddle to ride them, but before you can worry about this, you need to tame them and breed them.

Where to Find Horses in Minecraft

First of all, you have to find horses in Minecraft to start breeding. They can be found in one of these three locations, the village stables, the plains biome, and the savanna biome. Because of this, you may take some time to find a village or a suitable biome where you start and how convenient your world seed is.

The plains are empty grass fields with very few trees, the savannas are sometimes tan-colored grasslands with acacia trees, and the villages can be found in many different biomes, although not all have stables. You’ll find the horse here.

Create Horse

If you want to breed horses then you need two horses to become a parent. Any two horses will do this unless their color is not matching. This is useless if you are trying to get a specific color for the foals.

The only exceptions are skeletal horses and zombie horses. None of these variants are capable of being fed, so they cannot breed the foods. The only way to get more of these horses is to use an egg or find skeletal horses in the wild.

Taming the Horse

When you want to tame the horses in the Minecraft, you’ll need to repeatedly attempt to mount an adult horse by approaching it and interact with it with an empty hand. When you continuously do this thing, then the horse will stop disturbing you. Each time you stop, you increase the anger or temper of the horse. You should go to closer to try this again and again.

Breed Horses in Minecraft

You will need some golden foods for the horses you want to breed, it can be carrots or apples. They can be found in the game randomly plundered from loot chests or made into crafting tables. Carrots are very easy to get in the Minecraft, but you will really need a special gold carrot to breed horses. Inside a crafting table, place a normal apple or carrot in the middle slot. Then surround it with gold ingots. 8 Golden Ingots are required for each Golden Apple or Golden Carrot. Now we can breed our horses.

How to Ride the Horse in the Minecraft

How to Ride the Horse in the Minecraft

Now if you have successfully bred a baby horse in the Minecraft then it’s time to ride that horse. But, you should know that you cannot ride them directly, it is necessary to be an adult first. Once it will become an adult, it repeatedly interacts with the horse to sit on top of it. The first few times, it can throw you off. However, with persistence, ultimately the horse did not throw you again and you must have adopted it, and be yourself.

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To ride it, you will need to open the horse inventory and keep a saddle. Once the saddle is equipped, you can control the horse riding it. And then enjoy the Horse Riding in the Minecraft.

Final Words: Now you understand, how to breed horses in Minecraft. You should remember that if you want to breed your horses again then you have to wait 5 minutes after breeding. After reading this article, if you have any doubt or question you can comment below. We will reply to you very soon. Thank you for visiting our website.

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