Clubhouse: a New Trend and the Essence of an Application

Clubhouse: a New Trend and the Essence of an Application: If you’re one of those who know nothing about the new social media but want to learn more about the modern trend, this post is for you. Scroll down below and discover the every detail of Clubhouse.

Clubhouse: a New Trend and the Essence of an Application

Clubhouse: a New Trend and the Essence of an Application

What is Clubhouse?

Created in April 2020, this new application became very trendy. The app is very popular among celebrities, founders, and other influencers. For instance, Drake, Elon Musk, and Oprah Winfrey are already there. 

The application offers the opportunity to create virtual rooms and gather up to 5,000 members. There are speakers, moderators, and listeners in each room. Participants can speak to each other by voice only. 

There is no option to share files, send messages, and even send emojis. Despite poor functionality, the application is very popular. Thereupon, you won’t be able to publish a post asking your subscribers, “Can I pay someone to do my homework fast and cheap?” if you are a student.

How To Get It?

For now, only iPhone and iPad users can install Clubhouse on their devices. Android users have to wait. Fortunately, the developers confirmed that they started developing the application for Android devices.

Nevertheless, even if you have a device from Apple, you won’t easily get in. An invitation from an active member is required for new users to sign up. Therefore, you may ask your mates who are already in to send an invitation to your phone number. 

New users can connect their social media accounts, add a photo, and specify their name. Note, it can be updated only one time. 

If you don’t have friends to ask for an invitation, you can sign up and reserve a username for yourself. In case someone from your contact is already in, they will get a notification and invite you.


After signing up, a user can send only a few invitations. It makes it so hard to get invited sometimes. If users are active, have hundreds of subscribers, and engage people, they get more invites added to their account.


Users can join rooms, speak and listen to speakers online. Most people compare Clubhouse with a podcasts app that has enhanced functionality. Being registered in this application, you will be able to find people in rooms and follow them. The application foresees the opportunity to surf all public rooms, join or leave them quietly upon a tap. Also, users can create private rooms, invite friends and discuss something secretly. 

The application’s primary idea is to gather people in rooms and let them speak with each other. Nevertheless, there are some limitations. Only speakers are permitted to talk in rooms. Others can listen to them only. However, when listeners want to say something and share their opinion with others, they need to “raise a hand” so that a room’s moderator will add them to speakers or reject their ask.

Public Groups

Active users can go further than making public rooms. They can create their groups. They are required to meet particular criteria to do so. The primary difference between public groups from rooms is that they can gather subscribers. Consequently, all users will be notified about new events. 


The application allows users to find and communicate with new people. Each room implies a list of participants. Speakers are located at the top of the list. Further, the app shows people the speakers are subscribed to. Listeners are the rest. The app shows by whom people were invited to Clubhouse. Users are free to surf other users, view their profiles, and subscribe.

Clubhouse: a New Trend and the Essence of an Application

For instance, being subscribed to Elon Musk, you will check the people he follows. Also, you will be notified if he starts or participates in any event. 

Other Features

The application also has some unique features. All conversations are live. There is no option to record them and listen to them when you have free time. Also, users who will be spotted for recording conversations by using third-party apps can be banned forever. 

Clubhouse works even if a smartphone’s screen is turned off. It’s very convenient if you want to listen to conversations using headphones or while driving a car.

The iOS application is well-optimized. It doesn’t drain the battery fast and works well even if the Internet connection is poor. 

Essence of Clubhouse

The application attracts people by its uniqueness and inaccessibility. These days, it’s an app that only privileges, those who received an invitation, can access. Due to the limited number of invitations users can send, they share them responsibly, creating their online surrounding. 

Clubhouse: a New Trend and the Essence of an Application

Since the application is popular among celebs, politics, entrepreneurs, and influencers, users can join a conversation with famous people spontaneously by entering a random room. Moreover, all the conversations they hear won’t be stored anywhere, so they can hear something special from celebrities that they can’t read in posts on the Internet.

Bottom Line

Clubhouse gets access to users’ data and processes a lot of conversations. However, there is one pitfall that potential users need to know. The application uses servers from Agora, which is a startup from China. Due to this, there are some concerns that the Chinese government can access the personal data of the app’s users. Fortunately, Clubhouse promises to improve security in the future.

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