Top 4 Benefits of Web Crawling For Your Startup

Web crawlers, search engine bots, and spiders are terms you might’ve come across if you are just starting your business. The bots crawl over the internet like spiders and give search engines the required information from each web page to better organize the search results.

So what is a web crawler? Read on to know everything about web crawlers and how they can help your business.

What is a Web Crawler?

Commonly known as a spider, the web crawler is a bot used by various search engines to index the websites so that they appear in the order in web search results.

Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing all use web crawlers. The bot crawls all over the world wide web systemically to copy the web pages, which the search engines can use to create an index of results for the end-users.

Top 4 Benefits of Web Crawling For Your Startup

Web crawlers can visit any site without warning and go through various web pages. However, there are proper procedures if you do not want a spider through a site or parts of a webpage. Web developers can add a robits.txt file to allow access to limited information on a site. If you want to learn more details about web crawling, read the full post here

Since we have access to such a large number of web pages, search engines need these bots to help them list or index the pages according to the relevance of the research.

Web Scraping

Now web scraping is different from web crawling. Scraping is a more refined form of search. Usually, the software is used to take out the data from various web pages or sites. The whole web page is often downloaded in web scraping, or parts of the page are downloaded for can Also Check Pirate Bay Proxy Sites List.

So we can call it an extension of web crawling as it is more targeted and extracts the data after crawlers find it. Both of these work together to form the base for data analysis.

Web Crawling – Benefits for Business

You will find a number of benefits of these crawlers for your business. First, since business involves research or looking up information relevant to your business, it is time-saving and convenient. You get just the right kind of info you need instead of having to browse through hundreds of web pages.

Plus, there are high chances of bias creeping in if you conduct the research yourself. You may also overlook or miss certain important information if you do the research manually.

So a web crawler can come in handy as it will help save your time and resources to get you the exact info you need. This way, you can spend more time and effort on the data analysis part and other vital aspects of business instead.

Here is further about, ‘what is a web crawler?’ and the four top benefits of web crawling for business.

  1. Generate Business Insights

You can get access to various insights like your competitor’s activities. That includes base pricing, new products, services, and promotional strategies. 

You can also get an idea about the industry-wide practices and keeping all the info in place; you would be better positioned to conduct your business activities and strategize your plans.

  1. Achieve Automation

Web scraping combined with crawling helps extract information from the World Wide Web for analysis. As discussed, that’s time-saving and gives you enough time and resources to spend on the other aspects of the business. 

Besides, the information or data you can manage and analyze with the crawlers is much more diverse than the one you collect manually.

  1. Lead Generation

Suppose you get faster access to all kinds of information you need for business. Be it competitor analysis, access to stakeholders, partners, etc., imagine the possibilities if you can get all the information with the snap of your fingers.

Web crawlers can crawl the targeted sites and forums and get all the latest details and information on the industry and customer demand. So you get access to the customer’s wants before the competitors can get a chance to do anything about it. Thus that gives you a head start to getting leads.

  1. Sending Out Alerts

You can also set up web crawlers to send alerts or emails to your clients or other stakeholders whenever anything new is relevant to their queries. For instance, if someone’s looking for a home. You can send them an email as soon as there’s any new opening or place within their vicinity that’s up for sale.


Now that you know what a web crawler is and how it affects the business, you can make better decisions about your startup. Web crawling along with web scraping are powerful tools for companies all over the world. 

The possibilities and progress you can make when just the specific information you need is available for you at your fingertips are infinite! So make the most of it today and explore the endless!

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