Do You Have Unrealistic Expectations for Your Random Video Chats?

A little optimism never may never hurt anybody, but what happens when your hopes and dreams get a heavy dose of reality? With regards to random video chatting, a new user could easily get discouraged and decide not to give it a second chance. What’s the best thing to do here? Maybe it’s time for a little expert advice.

So, what would that advice entail? If you’re using Camsurf for random video chat, there are actually plenty of ways to adjust your strategy for a better chat session. For example, you could use a filter or two to refine the selection of chat partners the algorithm gives you. Getting more relevant results means better-quality chats, which is a great first step. But what else can you do to make sure that reality matches your expectations – or at least comes close? Here’s some more information that pretty much anybody can apply to their random chats. 

You have to learn to pick the right chat partners

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If you’re random video chatting, your chat partners are chosen for you by the website’s algorithm. Provided you aren’t using filters, each match is completely random; the algorithm isn’t built to see any preferences or chat history. This means that when it comes to selecting your chat partners, you have to do some of the work yourself. So how choosy are you going to be?

Here’s a hypothetical scenario. It’s your first time on a random chat site, and you’re figuring out how everything works. You see someone pop up on your screen, and you start chatting with them. They’re kind of boring, but you still have something resembling a conversation with them. You move on. The next person is very loud, and not quite your cup of tea. You chat with them too. Eventually you connect with a chat partner who’s actually fun, and have a great time talking with them. You wish that more of your chats could be like that last one.

The thing is, they could be – if you’d just be picky enough about which chat partners you stuck around for. Not every chat will be super special, but you can still decide not to spend time on the chats you aren’t actually enjoying. 

Boundaries make a big difference

You wouldn’t automatically trust everyone you came across in real life, would you? The same idea applies to random video chatting. It’s not that you’re assuming that everyone is out to get you; you just have to realize that a few of them could be. you can Also remove audio from Video.

With this in mind, you should set some boundaries before starting your chat sessions. If your boundaries are hazy, you could easily cross them without realizing it. Make them clear in your mind, though, and you’ll know exactly when to put your foot down. 

Here’s an example: anonymity is an important part of random chatting, mainly because of the possibility of identity scams. Without the right boundaries, you could disclose information like your full name or your place of work without realizing that there’s a problem. If you decide that you aren’t going to talk about that information under any circumstances, though, you’ll be protected against identity theft.  

Recognize that some people are just unpleasant

You can’t really blame chat sites for not warning you on the home page, but some chat partners can be real jerks. Sure, most people are on the site to have a good time – that much is true. But this doesn’t mean that every chat partner you meet will behave themselves. 

When you encounter someone who’s acting rude or distasteful, don’t waste any more time on them than you have to. Just click onto the next chat, and forget all about it. After all, they can’t get under your skin if they aren’t even on your screen anymore, right? And unlike in the real world, they can’t follow you around to keep bugging you – the “next chat” button takes care of that very efficiently. 

Not every chat has to be amazing

It’s only natural to wish for the best-case scenario, but the reality is that a lot of your chats could be kind of average. Unless you’re willing to flip through a ton of potential chat partners looking for someone who seems like the perfect match, that’s just the way things are.

Even so, having a bunch of “average” random chats can still be fun. You don’t need some deep connection with a chat partner in order to enjoy yourself; in fact, you may actually be shooting yourself in the foot if your standards are too high. Allow yourself to chill out, and see who you end up meeting. If a chat isn’t working out the way you hoped, there’s no need to stay; there are always more fish in the sea!

Online friendships aren’t always the same as real-life friendships

A big talking point for random chat sites is that you can “make friends online”. Sure, but maybe not in the typical sense. If you become friends with someone in real life, you generally keep up with them to some degree. When you make friends through a random chat, though, it could very well be a one-time thing, since you’re unlikely to meet again.

The exception to this is for the sites that let members connect through their profiles. If that’s what you wanted, you could definitely develop long-term friendships online. However, the norm is for people to meet, have a great time chatting for a while, and then never see each other again. For most people this works just fine, but for anyone who wants more options, they can always choose a site that will let them reconnect with previous chat partners. 

What do you think of random video chatting now?

Nothing is perfect, especially when you have thousands of people interacting with each other on the same online forum. The good news is, there are plenty of ways for you to improve your own experience on any random chat site. 

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