How to Delete Twitch Account

Hello readers, are you searching for the working methods for How to delete Twitch Account over the internet? And, suddenly you see our website and came here. Then you don’t have to worry about anything because here you will get 100% detailed information about this topic in this article. We regularly share some tips and tricks related to this type of question, so you can revisit our website for the latest information about Twitch.

Easy Way To Delete Twitch Account

How to Delete Twitch Account

We all know that one of the best and powerful streaming platforms is Twitch which offers us to experience the streaming for video games and e-sports. Twitch is using since 2011 by gamers. Using this platform, everyone can stream any of their favorite video games here. Also, Follow us On Twitch.One cool option in the Twitch is you can also access music broadcasting. That’s why everyone loves this platform and it is really a fun place for all of us. 

But sometimes several users face some situations where they can not use this platform anymore. And for this situation, they have to make the decision for deleting the Twitch account. So for all of them, we have written this article in which you will get working methods to get rid of Twitch in very easy steps.

When you will disable your Twitch account then you can not access that account using your login details or credentials. And, Not a single twitch user can discover you in the Twitch via your profile URL or the username. So if you confirm want to know that how to delete Twitch account then follow the given steps below.

How to Delete Twitch Account

Twitch does not have any feature or option that can delete anyone’s account forever. The Twitch user can only disable and enable the account whenever they want, but they can’t delete their account. But, we hope for the best because Twitch is progressing and upgrading their platform for their users so they can add an option for deleting account forever very soon. So, let’s learn how to Disable and enable any twitch account easily. If are you looking to  Change Twitch username?

Disabling your account does not mean that they will erase your personal information also, so you should delete that information manually. We also want to recommend you that view your channel and remove all your custom widgets and links associated with different donation services, which you have added.

How to Disable Twitch Account

How to Delete Twitch Account

You have to follow the given steps, after following these steps you can disable your twitch account and whenever you want to access that account you can enable it again. Follow these steps:

  • First of all, you have to go to the homepage of twitch: You can click on this link after that you will be redirected to the homepage of twitch.
  • Now, go to the login area which is available in the upper right corner of the website and then you will fill your correct details.
  • Then you will be signed in successfully on the Twitch. Now, you need to click on the menu icon. After clicking on the menu, a drop-down list will appear on the screen, you have to choose the “Settings“.
  • Now, you can see that you are on the page of the website’s setting. Here you will find the option “DISABLE YOUR TWITCH ACCOUNT” at the bottom of the page.
  • All you have to do is click on the disable account option, and it will take you to the next screen where you will be prompted to enter the login details once again.
  • At last, you will fill all your correct details and then finally click on the disable button.

How to Enable Any Disabled Twitch Account

How to Delete Twitch Account

It can happen that after disabling your account, you want the account to get back soon for any reason. Don’t worry, its not a big problem. You can enable your Twitch account in a few steps. I personally feel this is the great thing that Twitch users get on this platform. You only have to follow these simple steps to enable your Twitch account:

  • In the first step, you have to go to the official customer support page of Twitch.
  • And in the next step, you will fill the essential fields in the form and then click on the button “Send Email” which you can find by the end of the form.
  • And the last step, You have to wait for a few business days, and then you will receive an email containing details about how you can Reactivate/ Enable your account. That’s it. 

Before disabling your Twitch account, I want to suggest one thing to you. You should inform your viewers in the broadcast, which is going on till the big day. And also, you can mention when you will do your last broadcast with them and also refer your followers to your other social accounts like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook so that they stay in touch with you. if Are You Looking To cancel Twitch Prime Trial Then Check Out We are Provide Full Guide So You can Easy To Cancel Twitch Prime Trial.

Final Words

Twitch is one of the most leading streaming platforms which is used by gamers and people like us. We can chat and watch there anytime with a lot of fans from anywhere in the world. So now, I hope you know how to delete the twitch account or how to disable and enable any twitch account in just a few steps. Share this article, if anyone wants the same solution as you. Thanks for reading.


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