Google Docs is a web application that allows users to create, manage, and save documents via their Gmail accounts. There are many useful features in the application: documents are saved automatically so you will never lose your work, documents can be shared so that many people can view and edit them as well, and you have access to documents both online and offline. 

Easily You Can Make an Essay in Chicago/Turabian Format

How to Make an Essay in Chicago/Turabian Format In Google Docs

This article explains how to use Chicago/Turabian format in an essay using Google Docs. It covers how to create a Google Doc, apply a general format to your document, and set up your paper using Chicago/Turabian citation style. you can also Check How to Make a Google Doc Landscape.

If you do not want to figure out how to use Chicago format for your essay or spend time on it, you can ask for online essay writing help on special services. There, you will be able to order a sample of a paper in the format style you specified. In addition to Chicago format, you can choose other formats as well, like MLA, APA, etc.

How to Create a Google Doc

For creating a Google Doc, log in to your Gmail account. Click “Google apps” in the upper right corner of the screen and choose “Docs.” If you don’t see the Docs button, click “More” in the drop-down menu to see more options. Click the blue plus to create a new document. I think you shouldn’t have any problems here. 

How to Set up a General Format

  1. If you want to use Times New Roman font, click the font menu at the top of the page to see the available fonts. Choose Times New Roman in the proposed options.
  2. If you want to change the font size to 12 (the font size that is usually used), click the font size menu to see the available font sizes; choose size 12. 
  3. If you want to apply 1-inch margins, choose the File menu and select “Page setup.”

How to Set up a Chicago Format

  1. Click the Center button to start formatting your title page. Don’t be surprised, but you need to press Enter on your keyboard six times. Then enter a title. Keep in mind that the title should be double-spaced. After checking this, press Enter on your keyboard four times, write your name, the name of your instructor, the number of the course, and the date of finishing the paper by pressing the enter key for each piece of information. This data should be single-spaced. 
  2. For adding a title to the second page of your essay, click the Insert menu and choose “Page Break” for creating a new page for the main body of the essay. Then click the Center and Bold buttons. Then enter the title of the essay. After that, press Enter on your keyboard and choose “Left align.”
  3. Prior to setting the first line indent for the whole paper, you need to click the View menu and ensure that “Show Ruler” is selected. For setting the first line indent for the essay, use the blue inverted triangle on the ruler below the top ribbon. You need to click on it and drag the line above the triangle to the 0.5 mark to set the right indents. 
  4. In Chicago/Turabian format style, page numbers begin on the second page after the paper title page. To make page numbering begin on the second page, you need to click the Insert menu and choose “Page numbers.” From the drop-down menu, click the second field on the first row. Press Enter on your keyboard when the insertion point is to the left of the number. Then click elsewhere to close the heading.
  5. For formatting your essay in the Chicago format style, you need to figure out what to do with footnotes. For inserting footnotes into your essay, click the Insert menu and choose “Footnote.” In a footnote, you need to press the backspace key to delete the space between the insertion point and the superscripted number. After that, press the Tab key to indent the first line.

As you can see, using Chicago/Turabian format for your essay in Google Docs is not difficult. If you suddenly need more information on this particular style, you can always ask your teacher for it. As far as formatting in Google Docs is concerned, we hope this guide has fully satisfied your needs.


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