Hey Are you Searching How to Access Advanced Settings on Instagram? Some settings in Instagram can be difficult to find, such as Advanced Settings. Ever wonder if you’re one of those people who can’t access Advanced Settings? It happened to me before I knew what was wrong.

It doesn’t matter if you are able to attend. This blog post will show you how to find Instagram’s Advanced settings.

Accessing Instagram’s Advanced Settings

How to Access Advanced Settings on Instagram

Apart from the page for posting photos, Instagram doesn’t have a tab called Advanced Setting. Here’s how to get there.

First, you need to post on Instagram. These are the points to consider.

  1. Click the + icon to select a post from your account.
  2. Click the next arrow at the top right corner when you choose the photo that you wish to share. You can either apply a filter to the photo on the next page, or you can skip it altogether and continue on.
  3. Click it to see the following:

Advanced Settings can be found at the bottom. When you click on a post, the Advanced Settings are displayed.

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What features are included in the Advanced Setting?

  • You can hide likes or view counts to keep other people from seeing how many people liked and viewed this post.
  • This box allows you to disable comments from your post.
  • If you connect your Instagram account to Facebook, posts will automatically be shared on Facebook.
  • Alternate text can be created for people with visual impairments.
  • You can tag business partners in addition to paying partnerships. This feature is only available to Business Account owners.
  • You can set an age limit for viewing a particular post to prevent people from seeing certain posts based their age.

Are there any advanced settings for high-resolution photos?

Instagram does not allow you to adjust the quality of your photo. An Instagram photo may have a different resolution than the original one you posted. Instagram claims that the image is compressed to a lower resolution then the original. Instagram guarantees that all photos are uploaded at maximum resolution but does not guarantee their accuracy.

How to hide likes and views in advanced settings

You can hide your posts from views and likes. It is easy to hide them by tapping the toggle button as shown above. This setting will only show your photos and videos with like views and counts. This setting prevents other users from seeing the likes and views of a post or video.

What is the Alt Text Option in Instagram’s Advanced Settings?

Alt Text is the description of your photo that you add to your image for people with visual impairments. Instagram allows you to add text to your photo or create it automatically.

Video Guide for advanced Instagram settings


Wrapping up

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