Mobile technology is one of the best productivity tools of all time. It has an influence in every part of our life, and of course plays a big part in the educational system. 

14 Best Educational Apps for Android/iPhone

Nowadays every section of education can be found on android as an app. Making the learning process more convenient, accessible and portable than ever. There are a variety of audio books, contents and many other educational features in the form of an app that you can download and use to expand your knowledge. 


14 Best Educational Apps for Android/iPhone

Udemy was one of the first educational apps that offered courses, and nowadays offers over 32,000 courses from technology and science to foreign languages and cooking. You can basically find courses for everything that you want to learn, although some courses are paid. 

LinkedIn Learning 

14 Best Educational Apps for Android/iPhone

LinkedIn Learning is a very popular Android App that offers a variety of subjects and sectors. You can learn web development and illustration, music making, Photoshop, etc. LinkedIn makes their courses easy to understand and also allows you to download them, so you can study them offline.


14 Best Educational Apps for Android/iPhone

Everyone has used Wikipedia, or at least knows the name, but something that many don’t know is that Wikipedia also has an app on google play. This app offers you access to over 40 million different issues, in over 300 different languages, which is a solution to every possible academic problem. And the best thing is that it is completely free.

Memrise Learn Languages Free 

If you want to learn a new language, then you should try Memrise Learn Language Free. It is a helpful app that offers tons of techniques that will help you learn faster, and also tests and practices where you can examine your developed knowledge. Some of the languages that this app features are English, German, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Mexican Spanish, Bangla, Arabic, Swedish, Dutch, Norwegian, Italian, Polish and many more. 

Duolingo: Learn Languages Free

Top Best Educational Apps for Android/iPhone

Duolingo is another very helpful and well known app for learning new languages. This app offers a variety of fun and effective learning methods, tips and memory techniques with which you will learn the language easily. Their courses are less than 5 minutes, and spending 34 hours with this app is equal to a course in a semester. 


Top Best Educational Apps for Android/iPhone

Paperell is not an android app that you can download from the play store. Instead, it is a website that you can easily access using your phone. Mainly is a site that writes essay for you. However, they have many professional employees who work on case studies, term papers, dissertations, etc. They can even help you create a business plan. Their website contains many free essay examples that you can use as an idea or inspiration, or you can let some of the professionals write it for you.

Socratic by Google

Top Best Educational Apps for Android/iPhone

Socratic is a fantastic app that lets you take photos of many things and tells you everything about them. You can take photos from history questions, a math problem, a chemistry formula, or whatever you want, and it will answer your question, but also show you how to answer it on your own next time. 

Wolfram Alpha 

This app is similar to Socratic, but a bit more powerful. It covers many categories and it helps with geography and history questions, math problems, etc. This app can be helpful to anyone, not just students, however it is not a free app, it goes for $2.99 to purchase it. 


Top Best Educational Apps for Android/iPhone

YouTube is one of the best apps for practical learning. You can find video tutorials for basically everything out there, such as solving math problems, lectures about art and music, lectures about astronomy and even how to change the oil in your car. You can even find full free courses for subjects. However, to remove the ads, you will have to pay $12.99 per month to get the YouTube Premium. 


SoloLearn is oriented towards computer programming, and their apps teach computer languages. Some of these languages include Java, JavaScript, Python, HTML, PHP, SQL, C++ and even Swift. So if you are into computer programming, you will definitely love this app, and most importantly SoloLearn is completely free.  

Coursera: Online Courses

You can learn almost everything with the over two thousand courses that Coursera app offers. They have video courses for a variety of subjects, and all of the instructors are trained from different universities. So you can easily learn about your favorite subject, and at the end of the course, they offer you a certification from some of the world-class universities. 

Google Arts and Culture

If you are interested in culture, arts and literature, then you will get a lot of use of Google Arts and Culture. they offer explanation of different literary works and artworks, they have an option to zoom and view each work closer, daily digest preferences that help you learn something new every day and they also have a search option that you can use to find cultural events near your location or browse about art and culture by name, time and factor. Simply, you can’t get bored with this app.

Khan Academy

This is also a well-known app that offers video courses, tests, and exercises in different subjects such as science, math, literature and more. They have over 10 thousand explanations and videos of various problematic facts, with whom you can easily learn many formulas. Using Khan Academy will definitely create a strong foundation for your chosen subject. 

Kobo Books

Books are the best source of knowledge, so a book app makes an amazing educational app. Kobo Books offers a huge collection of Audiobooks and EBooks. They have a lot of options, the text of the books is customizable, you can choose if you want to read the book or listen to it, you can use a night mode, etc. Their books range in different categories, so you can surely find your favorite books on this app. 


Knowledge is power, so we have nothing to lose if we learn more, but we have a lot to gain. All these apps will help you a lot in developing your education in their own unique way. Although, of course you should choose the one that is compatible with your needs. So start by downloading the perfect app that will work for you and learn from anywhere anytime. 


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