What Devices Work Best for Online Gaming?

Online gaming, and computer games in general, are not as modern a phenomenon as we might think. 

While there are so many ways to play games with friends thanks to innovations in consoles, internet connections, and even mobile gaming that mean we can play at Casino while we wait for the bus, or play a multiplayer game with people from the other side of the world from the comfort of our own living room, the origins of online gaming have their roots in the last century. 

A Brief History of Video Gaming

What Devices Work Best for Online Gaming?

• 1940 – The Nimatron. One of the earliest iterations of a computer game was the Nimatron, an electromechanical system that was designed by nuclear physicist Dr Edward Uhler Condon in 1940. This machine played the ancient mathematical strategy game Nim and won more than 90% of the time when playing against a human opponent. 

• 1960s – the Arcade Revolution. Sega, Taito, and Atari created some amazing electromechanical arcade games that really sparked the imagination of the time, and led to arcade machines being present in bars, clubs, and malls across America. 

• 1977 – Atari VCS. The Atari VCS was the first version of an in-home console, and it featured a slot for game cartridges (just like most other games until discs became popular)

• 1980s – Commodore 64. Despite the computer being invented several decades before, it wasn’t until the 1980s that a home computer really became affordable (and small enough to be useful). The earliest gaming system to make use of this technology was the Commodore 64.

• 1993 – Doom and LANs. In the early 1990s, gamers began to make use of Local Area Connections to play truly connected online games, and Doom is often cited as the first that really took off with the technology. 

• 2000 – Sega Dreamcast. The Dreamcast was the first at-home console that was connected to the internet, allowing online play, and becoming the precursor to the Xbox and PlayStation connectivity that we know and love today. 

Of course, one of the biggest influences in the way we play games today is that we can access expansive games, online casinos, and millions of browser options from the palm of our hands thanks to smartphones and 5G. 

With all the available technology we now have, from tablets that are effectively PCs on a smaller scale, to full gaming computers, laptops, and smartphones, choosing the best way to get access to online gaming really depends on the way you want to play. 

What Device is Best for Online Gaming?

What to Look for in a Gaming Device

There are certain things that you might find important when it comes to your chosen gaming system, including:

• Processing speed – if you want to play big, expansive, or graphically rich games, you will need excellent processing speed

• Screen Size – more detailed games need more pixels for a clearer picture

• Location – are you going to play in one place, or do you want to be on the move?

• Controls – do you want to use a controller, a keyboard, or are you happiest with touch controls on a screen?


Consoles today are really powerful, offering a graphically rich experience for gamers who like to be immersed. However, the top consoles are expensive, and to get the best out of them you need a fast and reliable internet connection, a TV with the right screen definition, and the money to pay for games. 

You can play a whole range of types of games on a console, including some that are free, and depending on the console you might download the games or use a hard copy on a disc to play them. 

Consoles make playing games really easy – they are not complicated to set up and each game is usually just a ‘plug and play’ so you can get going almost immediately. 


Gaming computers are the ultimate in getting a tailored experience; you can build your PC exactly the way you want, with multiple screens, speakers, and the most processing power. 

PCs also have the added advantage of offering almost infinite games, as pretty much all console titles are also available for PC, plus you have access to the back catalogues, browser games, and even modifications for existing games. 

While getting a top-spec gaming PC is eye wateringlyexpensive, most browser games are designed to run on the basics, so you can have an excellent gaming experience on a PC without breaking the bank, but you are limited to where you can play if you choose to use a computer.


Filling the gap between mobility and ability, modern tablet computers are an excellent way to play games on the go but not lose much in the way of graphic quality, screen size, or processing power. 

Tablets offer different control options, from the addition of a joystick or the connection of a keyboard, but you can also use the touch controls on screen like you can on a smartphone. If you have a tablet that has a quad core processor (or more), then you do not need to worry about the game freezing or having playing issues, as long as you have a stable and reliable internet connection. 


The world of computing in the palm of your hand – smartphones really are incredible. The innovation behind truly mobile connectivity means that with the latest smartphones from Apple, Samsung, Google, and others you can play your favorite games wherever you are. 

Many console and PC games offer a mobile version, and some of the best developers have created games based on the unique features of the operating system – you can find these native apps in the store on your iOS or Android device. 

Mobile devices might lack some of the screen size and ease of play that you might have in a PC or a console, but they definitely make it easier to play wherever you are.

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