Best Tips For Stopping Mac From Running Slow

Having a Mac is a real delight – no matter what you use it for. If you choose to use it for work, it will highly enhance your productivity, save your time, and become a very effective partner in your daily tasks. And if you choose as an element for lifestyle, entertainment, and arts, it will not disappoint you as well. 

How To Stopping Mac From Running Slow [Full Guide]

Stopping Mac From Running Slow

With the capabilities of Mac computers growing each year, we still need to remember that it is a technological device that needs regular maintenance as any other device does. So over time, if you do not take proper care of your Mac, it will become slower and less efficient than before.

Therefore what you need to do is clean your Mac from time to time. If you choose a specialized tool to do so, make sure that you select the best one – the best software for the best computers. In this article, we are going to share additional tips that will prevent your Mac from running slow. If a slow mac problem already happened to you, these tips will also help solve it.

Review Your Apps

Take time to review your apps once in a while. It is an often issue to have too many apps on your Mac, even though you never use them. Or maybe you haven’t even opened them since you downloaded them. The less storage space a Mac has, the slower it will perform.

This is an important step you need to take because apps take up more storage on your Mac than you might think. More to it, some of the apps will create files of their own – to store all kinds of data, and if you use game apps – files for saved games. And if you start running low on storage, there might not be enough space for game saves and other data which might force some apps to crash and even to lose data.

Review Your Files

Stopping Mac From Running Slow

The same goes for your files – the more you have, the less storage space you will have, and the slower your Mac will run. Therefore you should do a regular check-up on your files and delete the ones you no longer need.

This issue often happens for people who use Mac for work, especially the professionals who work in graphic design and use Photoshop or photography and tend to have a lot of files on their computers.

To solve this problem, you should have a goal to delete unneeded files every other week or simply use reminders that will tell you it is time to clean up your computer again. And with time, you should form a habit and a clean computer will become a usual and normal factor in your life.

Empty Your Trash Bin

This might seem like very basic advice but you would be really surprised if you knew how many people forget to empty their Trash Bins. In real life, in your kitchen, you probably forget to empty your trash because the ugly smell and view tend to remind of themselves. More to it, you always take your trash at home because if you don’t, you will simply not have space to throw new garbage. 

Unfortunately, on your Mac, you do not get a notification when it is too full. If you had, maybe it would be easier to remember. And this is how huge piles of files start to stack up in your Trash Bin. In this case, even if you tend to keep a clean computer, you will still have a lot of files in your Trash Bin which might cause your Mac to run much slower.

Remember To Clean The Outside Of The Mac

Stopping Mac From Running Slow

Cleaning your Mac from the outside is just as important as cleaning it from the inside. If your computer is clogged up with dust, it will start heating up and using more resources to cool the Mac. This might lead not only to a slowly functioning Mac but also to much bigger system issues in the future.

Also, if you are living in a very hot environment and do not have air conditioning options, the same issues might occur. In this situation, it might be a great idea to invest in a cooling pad for Mac – both to prolong the lifetime and effectiveness of your Mac and also to keep it running fast. 


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