How to Unblur a Photo or Image? [Easy ways]

Inevitably, you would have time in your life when you find out that your pictures are blurry. You download photos from the internet for usage that sometimes happens to be a blur as they have lost their original quality.

It’s not an exceptional problem for you; in fact, this happens to everybody out there, even some professional photographers face these kinds of issues. Whatever might be the reason, the result is something we don’t want.

How to Unblur a Photo or Image

So no need to worry at all, as we will discuss some of the best and easy methods you can use to unblur a photo or image in the article. We know the difference that we can actually extract by unblurring the pictures we desperately need.

So here, in this discussion, we will let you know about some of the best methods that you cause simply to perform your orientation and use the image as per your need.

We are providing you with some of the best tools that you can use to perform the random acts of unblurring like GIMP, Photoshop, and other feasible options;

Steps to unblur a photo or image using Photoshop?

There are times when we are stuck in some image or photo that is not as per our quality needs. No need to bother ourselves in such cases as now we have the feasibility to change their outlook using Photoshop. The application helps you in sharpening the images to a possible extent.

Even the usage of these tools can not retain the original quality of the images, but they get enhanced to a great level which is feasible for us to use as per the need. You are definitely going to enjoy the outcome of any image and any format getting unblurred with the ease of can Also Check Another 7 Methods To unblur image or Photo.

There are three methods offered in photoshop for the users to change the sharpening and saturation of their photos;

How to Unblur a Photo or Image

Method 1: How to Unblur a Photo

In this method, you can sharpen your images easily using the Sharpen Tool, whose approach is discussed below;

First, you need to import your file in the application,

Here you can sharpen the image by selecting the points that you want to be unblurred, and to perform that; you need to choose the sharpen tool residing over the Smudge tool.

Simply click on the same and then choose the points as per your need you want to sharpen.

Image quality will be extended to a high level but not the exact original. So to even increase its quality, you can apply other tools from the options like saturation, contrast, sharpening, brightness, and more.

Method 2: How to Unblur a Image

In this method, you will evolve your images to the next level of quality through the usage of an unsharp mask option. For that, we are discussing the capable steps below;

How to Unblur a Photo or Image
  • You need to import the image in the application to choose files and then choose open.
  • Click on the layers panel by clicking on the window and then Layers afterward click right on the layer containing your photo.
  • Click on the convert to smart object option to apply in the image.
  • Then you have to choose the filter and then sharpen it.
  • In the sharpen, you got to click on the unsharp mask.

A whole new window will appear on your screen, where you have to adjust a variety of segments to increase the quality of your photos.

To set the width of the sharpening effect in your image, you have to adjust the radius slider option.

Amount slider option allows you to actively control the strength of the sharpening effects on your images.

While threshold Slider offers users to adjust the common sharpness points of the image.

You can also check the preview of what changes you have applied and to what extent the quality is adjusted. If you are ok, go ahead; otherwise, we have other options.

Note;  always have a duplicate copy of the image that you are adjusting; otherwise, you will be in big trouble if some quality reduction happens.

Method 3: How to Unblur a Photo or Image

Smart sharpen tool lets you sharpen your image or photos to the extent of its possibility. This is an easy method compared to others, but it focuses on the soft areas of the images.

Steps to use;

  • Import photo in the application.
  • Duplicate the image layer by pressing Ctrl+J and by right-clicking convert to the bright object.
  • Choose Filter, the Sharpen, and then Smart Sharpen. A menu will appear when you have to choose Default.
  • Sharpen tab lets you control and adjust the strength and the width of the sharpening effect.
  • Adjust Tonal Width, Radius, Fade Amount, Gaussian Blur, Saturation, Motion Blur, Lens Blur.
  • Check the preview and adjust accordingly.

GIMP Methods to Unblur a Photo or Image

How to unblur photo or image using GIMP

GIMP is one tool that lets you finish unblurring the images and photos. Below we are discussing the steps to follow the procedure;

  • Import the photo or image in the application.
  • Open the image or by using Ctrl+O.
  • Select the toolbox and then choose the sharpen option.
  • Select sharpen and choose the brushing sizes to your needs.
  • Simply roll over the parts of the images you want to sharpen.

How to unblur photo or image using other tools

Apart from all these options, you can use available online tools that are very easy to use compared to these platforms but work automatically. We are discussing a few essential platforms that let you do your part in the images;

Photopea- it is one of the best tools when it comes to the point of sharpening the images. This one is a creation for the same work.

Pine Tools- one of the best tools in the category of editing, it offers focused sharpening to the points where you can control the radius, amount, and other options.

Fotor lets you apply other editing options, apart from the essential sharpening tools.

Applicability of these tools

These tools discussed here on our website are of utmost importance and let you finish the unblurring of your images and photos with the ease of options.

No matter what format of photos you are using, you want to change their quality. You can do that part easily with any of these applications.

People Also Ask FAQs

How do you Unblur a picture?

If your image is blurry, adjust the slider labelled Sharpen so it reads “Unblur”. Then select the Enhancements option.

How can I Unblur a picture for free?

Several online tools and programs can be used to remove blur from photos and images, including Photoshop, GIMP,, and more.


We have discussed all the essential feasibility that lets you control and evolve your images as per the quality available in their sharpening. What you need is provided with the information to the correctness of the knowledge. There are other tools also available for the same purpose.

We value your feedback, so instantly connect with us if you have some queries through the below comment section.

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