How to change your location on an iPhone – iPad [Step By Step]

There are so many times when we want to access some extra features available in the iPhone but our current GPS location just doesn’t let us do that. Luckily, UltFone ios location changer is the solution. It can temporarily change your location so that you can enjoy more privacy, game features and a lot more. Once you download UltFone ios location changer, it will allow you to spoof Pokemon go and do things that you cannot imagine.

What is the purpose of fake GPS in 2022

How To Change Your Location On An IPhone

Making changes in the actual location of your iPhone is like presenting that you are at some other place. UltFone ios location changer is one of the leading location changing applications that can easily let you manipulate your current location in a few simple steps. The best part is that you do not have to root your phone for any reason and still you will be able to modify the location in your iPhone to use Pokemon go and Snapchat.

Sometimes, you might land up in a messy situation where there can be an urgent need to fake your location. UltFone ios location changer is your rescuer in such scenarios. Also, it is quite useful when you do not want to reveal your actual location because of dating reasons or parental strictness. Spoofing your location is a good option to enjoy games like Pokemon go even can Check Also How To Turn Off Find My IPhone.

You can put a fake GPS location in order to make your friends wonder. You can put your location as Dubai and make things appear extravagant while still living a normal life. 

Once you manage to download the best GPS spoofing application in your phone, it would be easy to do things that you desire. Set the location of your choice by picking directions available in the application. Just after downloading UltFone ios location changer you will be getting options to adjust the location. You can select some real things like restaurants, family places and weather to make things appear absolutely legitimate.

Benefits of using UltFone ios location changer

  • Allows you to share a different location on social media for safety Purpose
  • Highly useful in manipulating dating applications and avoiding target based marketing campaigns
  • Allows you to have a superior position on location based game like Pokemon Go
  • Let you watch content of a different country by avoiding Geo restriction
  • Improves signal based on your actual location

 How to fake a GPS location on your phone

  • Launch the GPS location changer application after installing it from the internet. Select start option
  • The application will immediately begin detecting your current location
  • You can change the present location by selecting teleport option located at the top area of the screen
  • Provide the new location and select search option
  • You will find a new pop up on screen signifying your new location
  • Choose go option to execute the entire process

 How to use UltFhone iOS location changer?

UltFone ios location changer is highly imperative when you wish to give a fake GPS location before someone. It is a perfect application to show your fake location on applications like Facebook, Pokemon Go and WhatsApp. You can set your own routes and manipulate without letting anybody know.

A simple guide to change your present GPS location in iPhone device-

  • Open the program after downloading and accept the disclaimer part to continue.
  • Create a connection between the iOS device and computer using the Apple cable
  • You will get a certain option on screen that will allow you to co-ordinate and search for a location that you want. modify the current address and make changes in the location.
  • You are done with location changing immediately

Features of UltFone ios location changer

  • Multi app utility

You can easily send fake location updates on WhatsApp and Facebook. You can also make changes in the location of the Snapchat application and Pokemon go game.

  • Surpasses geo blocking

Create a fake location to access your fun and favorite things online. For example; if your country has banned a specific website, UltFone ios location changer lets you access it by changing the location just like a typical VPN service.

  • Useful for dating apps

You can make more friends on dating Applications by faking locations. Get in  touch with people from different nations

  • Dual spot management

You can select a certain route and a specified speed so that it seems you are traveling in a particular location that is completely a spoof.

  • Historical data

UltFone ios location changer automatically saves historical records so that you can quickly set the same location again.

  • Highly convenient

It is very easy and simple to use the application for spoofing. There are no special steps or knowledge needed to use UltFone ios location changer.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

How to reverse my fake location to the real one ?

You can make your location real by simply selecting the back option located at the right hand bottom side of the screen.

How to change location on Snapchat 2022?

UltFone ios location changer is the answer for it.

Which is the best application to fake location on iPhone?

UltFone ios location changer is a very smart GPS location Faker that is easy to use and works very accurately

Is it possible to find out whether someone is faking the location?

Technically it is not possible for anyone to know that you have been faking the location. 

Final words

It’s time to live with Freedom by choosing UltFone ios location changer as the best application for faking GPS. Do not think twice before trusting the application because it does not need any special tricks and software to work. Usually you have to jailbreak your device in order to download a GPS faker app. UltFone ios location changer doesn’t need any such step and You can customize the speed of movement and choose multiple fake locations at once. Highly useful for Pokemon go and Snapchat, this is indeed the best fake GPS location application for iPhone.

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