Which is Better for Gaming, iOS or Android?

Android and iOS have been battling for years now. The debate over which is better for productivity, which is better for video, gaming, and everything in between is seemingly endless. 

If you like games for adults, easy games, or just casual games to burn a few minutes on the way to work, you might want to know which OS is better. Here are the differences between iOS and Android when it comes to gaming. 

 Android VS. iOS for Gaming

Game Library

When it comes to gaming, you are going to want a variety of games and a good selection of high-quality games. Android and iOS offer many of the same games, but there are differences in their gaming libraries. 


The Android game library has unfortunately gained the reputation of having a ton of junk. The app store isn’t as strict when it comes to quality compared to the iOS store. As mentioned, you can find many of the same games, but there is also a lot of junk. 

However, you can find the big hitters like Call of Duty Mobile and Fortnite, the latter being an exclusive title to Android after a legal dispute between Apple and Fortnite ended with the game being permanently banned from their store. 


As mentioned, there is a wide variety of games available on iOS, with both Android and iOS sharing most tiles. Both systems have some unique games, and you would need to research to see which of these exclusive games you prefer.

However, iOS and Apple are a bit more discerning when it comes to what they accept in their library, so you will be met with more high-quality games. Regarding selection, both are equal; when it comes to overall quality, iOS barely edges it. 


Processing power is needed to give you a seamless gaming experience with little to no lag. The type of process you choose will determine the games you can play and the overall experience you will receive. 


Considering Android is an OS that is used across multiple brands and devices, there is a wide range of processor options to choose from. However, if gaming is a priority, there is only one processor you should be looking at. 

The Qualcomm Snapdragon processor with the Adreno GPU. The Snapdragon 825 is one of the best smartphone processors in the world and will provide enough power for almost any game you want to play. 

 Android VS. iOS for Gaming


On the other hand, Apple designs its own processors. The newest phones will obviously have the best processors. While most iPhones will have processors that can handle gaming, you should be fine as long as you stick to a phone that is no older than three or four generations. 

Battery Life

Having a phone packed with incredible games is almost pointless if your battery is dying so quickly you can’t play long enough to enjoy them. Battery life and power are vital for the best mobile gaming experience. 


Android phones have one clear advantage when it comes to batteries. Being able to switch out an old battery and put in a new one is something that should be as easy as Android phones make it. 

Battery life is also determined by what games you play. Android makes phones with big batteries with a lot of power but they will start to degrade after a long period of heavy gaming. For casual gaming, however, they are solid. 


Apple devices are notorious for having great batteries, but great batteries that are designed to get worse after a certain point in the phone’s life. You also can’t switch them out with ease; you need specialized tools and a level of expertise. 

As mentioned, the batteries will work well for gaming, but once they start to die, you will either have to buy a new phone or go through the tedious process of sending your phone to an Apple-approved repair shop and waiting for the change. With regards to batteries, Android wins. 


PC and console gamers know just how necessary storage is for gaming. The best games are usually the biggest and take up the most space. Therefore if you want more than two or three big titles on your smartphone, you are going to need a lot of space. 


Most Android devices come standard with large amounts of storage space, as well as removable memory cards that you can upgrade to give you more than enough space to store half a dozen AAA mobile games. 

While iOS devices do come in a variety of storage options, the fact that you can upgrade the memory of your Android allows you to customize your device to your needs without having to upgrade your device. 


As mentioned, when it comes to storage on iOS, you can choose a smaller 16GB device, all the way up to 512GB. Obviously, 512GB is a ton of space and will be more than enough for gaming, but you are going to have to pay for it. 

This is the one disadvantage that is both positive and negative for iOS devices as you can buy one that has enough space, but it will be more expensive than a memory card with the same amount of space. 

 Android VS. iOS for Gaming

Overall Experience

Overall experience is almost entirely determined by what you prefer. It is rare for a life-long Android user to switch to iOS and the other way around. However, with regards to gaming, there is a strong argument that Android edges out iOS. 

You have the ability to switch out batteries when they inevitably start to die, and you can also upgrade your memory without having to upgrade your whole device. While iOS offers a more comprehensive selection of games and possibly a better processor, the overall gaming experience on an Android is better. Either way, both will give users what they need to have a great gaming experience. 

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