Sites to watch the series for free

There are so many online sites to watch the series for free. if you Want to know the best online sites to watch amazing series and make yourself entertained in 2020. However, in this article, we are going to share the top best 8 Sites to watch series online free streaming for full episodes.

Almost all the sites that you use are full of ads and popups. Even some of them bring you to the dangerous platform. Without your awareness, some hidden programs can operate into your system and steal all your important and personal data like your password, bank accounts, etc and they can track your activity also.

Top 8 Sites to Watch the Best Collection of series 

Sites to watch the series for free

Best sites to watch TV shows, movies, live streaming, and much more online with free streaming of all Episodes. Here are some sites that are based on a huge database and good quality of video you can count on.

1. Amazon Prime

Prime Videos, rather known as Amazon Prime Video, is an American Internet platform for video-on-demand service. Prime video has a lot of benefits that are included with an amazon prime membership. I am sure you are going to love this site because apart from prime original series and TV shows it has a wide collection of full HD movies. If you are a member of Amazon prime, then you will get many offers like free same-day delivery, Unlimited music streaming, free two-day shipping, and a lot of offers like this. Amazon prime is an ads-free and most popular platform for movie lovers. Amazon prime’s development and operation is owned by Amazon itself. To get started, download the prime video app on your mobile device.

2. Online free films

This is another site for online movies and TV shows. Although it has a limited collection of TV shows right now, the good thing about this, that it allows you to watch movies online. Media content is categorized under movies, TV shows, series, and trending. The main thing of its site regarding ads is this, if you are using recommended tools then you will not face any ads or popups otherwise you will have to face ads and popups.

3. Sony Crackle

Although it is a legal movie streaming site you need to disable Adblocker in sony crackle. This is one of the best movie streaming websites. The plus point of this site is that you can filter TV shows on the basis of your moods like comedy, action, drama, and more. It allows you to watch animation and trailers of TV shows. sony crackle has its original content in its library, also it requires programming for other companies through registration might be optional.  

4. Netflix

Netflix has its own self build an amazing content library that features around the globe like an award-winning Netflix original, Feature films, and more. with the increase in the crowd and easy acceptability through laptops or any device. A very good thing about this site is that if you think that Netflix is not for you anymore then you can cancel it online anytime and anyplace. You will have to pay for it once in a month on the date you have signed your account. The more you watch, The better Netflix gets at recommending TV shows and movies you will love.

5. Hotstar TV series

It is one of the most popular online video streaming sites. It has launched a few years ago and soon become the most seeing website to watch free online TV shows. Presently it has gained too much popularity among Indian audiences, as if they miss their favorite show for any reason then they can watch it anytime when they are free. It is very easy to log in to this site to your phone and PC. Hotstar streams some popular TV shows such as a game of thrones and other HBO series which are not offered by Netflix also.

6. Hulu

It is a popular app like Netflix. People love it so much because it a unique mixture of new and old TV shows like Seinfeld and Simpsons. However, it is only available in Japan and the US right now. The initial plan of the Hulu app costs only $5.99 but you will have to watch it with a lot of ads. If you want to watch it ad-free then you will have to pay an $11.99 per month subscription. If you want to reveal your childhood memories and want to see a glimpse of it then Hulu gets the first rank on your list.

7. Acorn TV

Many people liked the TV shows of other countries and they want that they can watch them easily. But the other sites don’t provide you. Acorn TV solves this problem by offering you old and new shows from Australia, Ireland, and other countries. It also you to watch TV shows but your choice is limited here. Right now, the service is available in Canada and the US only.

8. Mubi

Mubi is a popular app like Netflix. It is founded by Efe Cacharel. It is not as vast as Netflix, but too good for online series. Mubi is a streaming platform that is mainly focused to give its users a contemporary and classic cinema. It provides you some of the best movies you can stream only. Its special thing is, it only offers 3o titles each day. Every new day a new film is added to this while deleting another at the same time. So forget that you will see a ton of content here.


These sites might be remarked as best though, there are many other sites that also offer the best series collection. But, the sites mentioned here are completely safe. This article is written for our users as they can search the free best online video streaming Sites to watch the series for free according to their choice. These above-listed sites have been a good option to count on the basis of quality. 


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