How Many Bumble Swipes Per Day

In the world of online dating, apps like Bumble have revolutionized the way people find romantic connections. Users can indicate their interest in someone with just a finger swipe and potentially make a meaningful connection. But have you ever wondered how many Bumble swipes per day are considered average or ideal? In this article, we will explore the world of Bumble swiping and discuss factors that affect the number of swipes people make daily. We will also provide tips on optimizing your Bumble swiping experience to help you find the right balance between quantity and quality.

What is Bumble?

Before diving into the intricacies of swiping on Bumble, let’s first understand what Bumble is. Bumble is a popular dating app that operates on a simple concept: women make the first move. In heterosexual matches, it is up to the woman to initiate conversation after the initial match. This unique approach has made Bumble a preferred choice for many individuals seeking meaningful connections.

What is a Bumble swipe?

How Many Bumble Swipes Per Day

A Bumble swipe expresses interest or declines potential matches on the Bumble app. When users come across a profile, they can swipe right if they are interested or left if not. Swiping right indicates a “like” or interest in the person’s profile, while swiping left displays disinterest and moves on to the next profile.

Why do people care about how many Bumble swipes they do per day?

Understanding why people care about the number of Bumble swipes they make daily requires a deeper look into the dynamics of online dating. For some, swiping on dating apps like Bumble is a means to an end—a way to find potential partners and form connections. Others may view swiping as a form of entertainment or an ego boost. Regardless of the motivation, the number of swipes made daily can impact the likelihood of finding a compatible match.

How many Bumble swipes per day is the average?

Determining the average number of Bumble swipes daily can be challenging as it varies greatly from person to person. Factors such as personal preferences, available time, and individual goals all shape the number of swipes made. However, research suggests that the average user spends around 90 minutes on dating apps daily, with a significant portion of that time dedicated to swiping.

Swipe data from Bumble

Bumble, like many dating apps, collects data on user behavior to improve their algorithm and user experience. While specific data on the average number of swipes per day for Bumble users is not readily available, the app does provide insights into the total number of swipes made on the platform. In 2020, Bumble reported that daters on their platform collectively made over a billion daily swipes.

Swipe data from other dating apps

Though we don’t have access to specific data for Bumble, it is helpful to consider swipe data from other dating apps to gain more insight. For example, Tinder, a widely recognized dating app, reported in 2019 that its users made over 1.6 billion swipes per day. These figures highlight the enormous popularity and widespread use of dating app swiping.

Factors that affect how many Bumble swipes you do per day

Several factors influence the number of Bumble swipes users make daily. Here are a few key considerations:

  1. Available Time: Time constraints significantly determine the number of swipes an individual can make. Those with busy schedules may only have a few minutes to spare, leading to limited swiping activity.
  2. Motivation: The level of motivation to find a partner or connect with others can impact the number of swipes made. High motivation may drive users to spend more time swiping, hoping to increase their chances of finding a compatible match.
  3. Quality vs. Quantity: Some users prefer to focus on quality over quantity, taking their time to carefully review profiles before swiping. This approach may result in fewer daily swipes but more meaningful connections.
  4. Demographics: Demographic factors such as age, location, and gender can also influence the number of daily swipes. Younger individuals, for instance, may be more active swipers than older adults.

How many Bumble swipes per day is ideal?

There is no universally ideal number of Bumble swipes per day, as it ultimately depends on individual preferences and goals. While some users may feel comfortable swiping for a short period, others might allocate more time to the app. It is essential to find a balance that works for you—prioritizing quality matches over mindless swiping.

Tips for optimizing your Bumble swiping

To make the most of your Bumble swiping experience, here are some tips to consider:

1. Write a compelling profile: Your profile is your chance to make a positive impression on potential matches. Highlight your interests, hobbies, and what makes you unique. Use keywords related to your interests to attract like-minded individuals.

2. Use high-quality photos: Choose photos that accurately represent you and showcase your best features. Avoid group photos or heavily filtered images that may obscure your true appearance. A mix of candid and posed shots can give potential matches a well-rounded view of your personality.

3. Be selective about who you swipe right on: It’s easy to get caught up in the swipe frenzy, but taking the time to read profiles and assess compatibility can lead to more meaningful connections. Look beyond physical appearances and consider shared interests and values when deciding to swipe right.

4. Send thoughtful opening messages: When you do match with someone, make an effort to send personalized and engaging opening messages. Generic or boring messages tend to get overlooked. Reference something from their profile to show genuine interest and start a meaningful conversation.

5. Set realistic expectations: Online dating can be a numbers game, but it’s important to have realistic expectations. Don’t get discouraged by occasional rejections or slow responses. Remember that finding a genuine connection takes time, and swiping endlessly may not necessarily lead to better outcomes.

How to find the right balance between quantity and quality

Finding the right balance between quantity and quality is crucial when it comes to Bumble swiping. Here are some strategies to help you strike that balance:

1. Allocate dedicated swiping time: If you’re concerned about spending too much time on the app, consider setting aside specific time blocks for swiping. This will help you avoid mindless scrolling and ensure you’re actively engaging with profiles.

2. Define your goals: Clarify what you are looking for on Bumble. Are you seeking a serious relationship or just casually dating? Knowing your goals will help you be more selective about who you swipe right on.

3. Trust your instincts: Trust your gut when swiping. If something feels off about a profile or conversation, it’s okay to trust your instincts and move on. Quality matches are more important than a high quantity of matches.

4. Take breaks and reassess: If you find yourself becoming overwhelmed or burned out from excessive swiping, take a break from the app. Use that time to reflect on your experiences and to reassess your goals and priorities.

How to get the most out of your Bumble swipes

To maximize your Bumble swipes and increase your chances of finding meaningful connections, consider these strategies:

1. Regularly update your profile: Keep your profile fresh and up to date. Add new photos, tweak your bio, or update your interests to reflect any recent changes in your life. This signals to potential matches that you actively maintain your profile.

2. Be proactive: Don’t just rely on swiping and waiting for matches to come to you. Take the initiative and send messages to those you are genuinely interested in. Initiate engaging conversations and show genuine curiosity about others.

3. Utilize Bumble’s features: Bumble offers various features to enhance your experience, such as Bumble Boost, which provides additional perks like unlimited swiping and advanced filters. Consider exploring these features if you feel they align with your goals and preferences.

4. Reflect on your experiences: Regularly reflect on your swiping experiences. Analyze patterns and identify what works and what doesn’t. Learn from your interactions and adjust your approach accordingly.


In the world of Bumble swiping, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to how many swipes per day is ideal. It ultimately comes down to personal preferences, goals, and the time you have available. While some people may prefer a higher quantity of swipes, others prioritize quality and meaningful connections. By optimizing your profile, being selective in your swiping, and finding the right balance between quantity and quality, you can make the most of your Bumble swiping experience. Remember, the key is to stay true to yourself, have realistic expectations, and trust the process. Happy swiping!


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