How to Take a Screenshot on iPhone 7

In this digital era, we frequently encounter information worth capturing. Screenshots come in handy, be it a funny meme, a noteworthy conversation, or important instructions. Screenshots are a quick, easy way to capture and store information directly from our device’s screen. In particular, we’ll focus on the iPhone 7, a popular model in Apple’s longstanding iPhone series, famous for its intuitive design and user-friendliness.

What is a Screenshot?

A screenshot is an image that captures the current display of a device’s screen. It’s an instant photograph of whatever is currently displayed on your device—web pages, photos, messages, or app interfaces.

How to Take a Screenshot on iPhone 7

How to Take a Screenshot on iPhone 7

Taking a screenshot on an iPhone 7 is straightforward. Apple has made this process user-friendly and efficient. Multiple methods exist to capture a screenshot on an iPhone 7, providing options for different user needs.

Different Ways to Take a Screenshot on iPhone 7

Using the Home Button and Side Button

The most common method involves utilizing the physical buttons on your device. To take a screenshot on the iPhone 7, quickly press and immediately release both the Home Button and the Side Button (also known as the Power Button) simultaneously. You’ll hear the shutter sound (if your phone isn’t on silent), and the screen will flash briefly, indicating that the screenshot has been taken.

Using AssistiveTouch

Sometimes, physical buttons can be troublesome due to a variety of reasons like ease of access or simply a reluctance to use physical buttons to prevent wear and tear. Apple’s AssistiveTouch feature provides an alternative method. This on-screen, software-based button can perform many tasks, including taking screenshots.

First, enable AssistiveTouch by going to Settings > Accessibility > Touch > AssistiveTouch and toggling on the AssistiveTouch option. Then, customize the “Top Level Menu” or “Single-Tap” option and add “Screenshot” from the list of actions. Now, a virtual button appears on your screen that can move around. Simply tap the AssistiveTouch button and select screenshot to capture the current page.

Using a Third-Party App

Beyond capturing screenshots using the native device functionality, you can also utilize third-party apps to further enhance your screenshot abilities. Several apps provide extra features like screen recording, annotating screenshots, and more. Some popular ones include Tailor, Screenshot Plus, and Snap Markup. These can be downloaded from the App Store.

How to Edit a Screenshot on iPhone 7

Once captured, editing a screenshot is integral for annotating, cropping, or adding personalized touches. iPhone 7 has a built-in screenshot editing tool. Immediately after taking a screenshot, a thumbnail appears in the bottom left corner. Tap it to open an editor where options like cropping, adding text, drawing, or even signing documents are available. Once done, tap “Done” to save the edited screenshot.

How to Share a Screenshot on iPhone 7

Screenshots are often captured to share with others, be it for collaboration, communication, or even social media posting. To share a screenshot, open the Photos app, choose the screenshot, tap the Share button, and select the appropriate option—Message, Mail, social media, cloud storage, or any other app.

Troubleshooting Tips for Taking Screenshots on iPhone 7

Occasionally, you might struggle with taking a screenshot. Here are some troubleshooting tips:

  1. Check Your Button Functionality: Test your physical buttons separately to ensure they are working, as button issues could be why your screenshots aren’t registering.
  2. Enable AssistiveTouch: If physical buttons are dysfunctional or inaccessible, AssistiveTouch is a reliable alternative.
  3. Restart Your Phone: Sometimes, a simple restart fixes this kind of minor issue.

If problems persist, consult with Apple Support or an authorized Apple service provider.


Mastering how to take an efficient screenshot on iPhone 7 enhances your overall user experience. Whether you’re using the time-honored Home Button and Side Button combo, the adaptable AssistiveTouch, or even a third-party app, capturing, editing, and sharing screenshots is undeniably a necessary skill for any iPhone user.

Armed with this information, you are now more prepared to capture, share, and save your important moments and information. Happy screenshotting!

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