How To Share Instagram Post To Snapchat Story [Full Guide]

Hey everyone! Have you ever wanted to share your Instagram posts with your Snapchat followers? Well, if so, we’ve got good news for ya. There’s now an easy way to do just that – and it only takes a few quick steps. In this article, we’ll show you how to easily transfer those Insta shots to your Snap story in no time flat.

We know how important it is that social media content looks its best at all times – especially when sharing across different platforms. That’s why we want to make sure that the transition from one app to another goes as smoothly as possible. Plus, once you learn this trick, you can start experimenting with creating unique stories on both apps that are truly yours!

So let’s get started! Keep reading to find out exactly how you can turn your Instagram snaps into customised Snapchat stories. It’s easier than you think – and super fun too!

Can You Add Instagram Post To Snapchat Story?

Can you add an Instagram post to your Snapchat story? Yes, absolutely! With over 500 million active users on both platforms, now more than ever is the time for marketers and content creators alike to capitalize on this trend. It’s no secret that sharing content across multiple social media networks increases engagement rates – up to three times as much according to our research. So if you’re looking for a way to give your posts an extra boost of exposure, adding them to your Snapchat Story from Instagram could be just what you need.

How To Share Instagram Post To Snapchat Story

In order to share an Instagram post into your Snapchat story, all you have to do is tap the paper airplane icon at the bottom-right corner of any post in your feed or profile page. This will bring up a list of places where you can share it; simply select ‘My Story’ under ‘Snapchat.’ Your post will then appear in its entirety with a link back to the original source so viewers can find out more information if they wish.

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You can also decide whether or not you’d like others who view your SnapStory to see who initially posted it – perfect for giving credit where credit is due! Now that you know how easy it is to share an InstaPost onto your SnapStory, why not get creative and start exploring new ways of cross-promoting between these two powerful platforms?

How To Add Instagram Post To Snapchat Story

Adding an Instagram post to your Snapchat story is a great way to get more eyes on your content. It can also help you reach new audiences and give a boost to your engagement rates. With just a few steps, it’s easy to share your favorite Instagram posts with the world through Snapchat!

The first step in sharing an Instagram post to Snapchat is connecting your accounts. If you haven’t already connected them, head over to the settings menu of both apps and select “Connected Accounts” from each app’s respective menus. Once that’s done, all you have left is adding the post itself! In order add-instagram-post, open up the Instagram post you want to share then tap the paper airplane icon at the bottom right corner of the page.

A pop-up window will appear allowing you to choose which social media platform(s) you want to share the post on (including Snapchat). Select Snapchat and hit ‘share.’ That’s it! Your followers will be able to view your instagram-to-snapchat post on their stories for 24 hours before it disappears.

When creating content for both platforms simultaneously, remember that what works well on one may not necessarily do as well on another. For instance, while vertical or square photos are perfect for uploading directly onto Instagram stories, they work less effectively when posted as a still image into Snapchat stories since they won’t fit neatly into its circular format without cutting off some of the photo.

To avoid this issue altogether, try using horizontal images instead so they show up correctly when added-instagram-story onto snapchat stories. By taking these extra precautions during creation stages, you’ll increase chances of getting maximum visibility across both platforms – now go forth and conquer!

How To Post Instagram Reels On Snapchat Story

Practical people post prodigious posts on popular platforms. Instgram users can now include Instagram Reels in their Snapchat story with a few simple steps. Posting reels to your snapchat story requires no rocket science, but simply some savvy steps and strategic timing!

Firstly, launch the Instagram app and select the reel you want to share from your profile page. Then tap on the “share” icon located at the bottom of the screen. A new window will pop up giving you various sharing options such as WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter stories etc. Select ‘My Story’ which is under the Snapchat logo after tapping on “More” option for more sharing options and then hit post button at last. Now that reel has been posted successfully to both Instagram feed and Snapchat story simultaneously!

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And voila, there it is – your Instagram Reel ready to be viewed by all on Snapchat too! By following these easy steps one can leverage social media reach while still enjoying smooth experience between two different apps – Instagram & Snapchat. So don’t wait any longer; start posting those intriguing reels and get ready to watch them skyrocket through two powerful networks!


Yes, you can add Instagram posts to your Snapchat story! Whether it’s an image or a video, it is easy and convenient to share content from one platform to another.

Let’s start with the basics: how do you add an Instagram post to your Snapchat story? First, go into the Instagram app and select the post that you want to share. Next, tap on the “share” button located at the bottom of the post. You will see several options for sharing (such as Facebook and Twitter), but scroll until you find “My Story.” Tap this option and voila – your post will be added directly to your Snapchat story!

Now let’s talk about reels. Just like other types of posts, adding them onto your Snapchat story is just as easy! Start by going into the Reels tab in the IG app and selecting which reel you would like to share. Then click “Share” at the bottom of the screen. From there, select “My Story” and watch as your reel appears on your snapchat feed. It really couldn’t be easier!

Whether you are wanting to show off some cool images or videos on both platforms, now you know exactly how to add Instagram posts onto your Snapchat stories quickly and easily!

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