Syncmate Review: Professional Digital Data Syncing

Syncmate Review: No doubt that the majority of people use Google services to keep the devices and accounts sync up. Somehow, the ones who do not use Android happen to face a lot of problems. So, Do you think it is even possible to sync all your devices and accounts together to keep the information safe if you are not an Android owner?

Well, SyncMate is not only meant to help Android users but also other operating system owners. It helps to sync their data to and from Different devices. Even Apple users need not feel insecure If in case they have a number of online accounts. The easy-to-understand software supports the following features and comes with such basic details.

The application is invented to sync data from different devices to mac PC. The majority of the time Mac owners have to specifically use iTunes to handle such things. Somehow, SyncMate is considerably more convenient and user-friendly.

What all can you sync with SyncMate?

Syncmate Review

SyncMate allows you to enjoy the following contents for syncing-

Using SyncMate, it becomes easy to sync with Android devices, Mac computers, Google accounts, iOS devices, and external hardware.

Pictures – just select the picture folders in your device and sync them with the Mac PC or any other operating system you want.

Calls – you can sync calls so as to keep a record of the duration, time, and date. You will also be able to find out the missed, outgoing, and received call details in the place that has been sent.

SMS – when it comes to syncing details, why should you leave behind the SMS conversations? Just export the entire message collection so as to keep the conversation safe forever.

Calendar – you can decide on which type of calendars you want to sync and they will be saved immediately or a span of up to 47 weeks.

Reminders – the sinking service offers to safeguard your reminders in the Dropbox apart from just calendars.

Folders – using SyncMate, it is easy to select a number of folders and sync them with your device. You can easily decide which type of folders do you want to exclude and what subfolders have to be selected.

Contacts – you can easily choose the contacts and save the details very easily using SyncMate.

Music – SyncMate is not just about data but also about music. Whatever music you love will be saved straight away from your iTunes library to your device. There are no hassles to trouble you in playing the albums, artist, and genre after that.

Backup – If in case you face accidental deletions, there is an option to safeguard all your data by taking a backup of it.

Whenever it comes to sync details to a new device or a service, there would be the above-mentioned options to help you. They will be reflecting as pop-ups on your screen and you can select a particular service you want. Also, there are options to add or remove a particular option that you do not want to include. this is also working on android to mac sync.

How to Use Syncmate?

It completely depends on the type of device and service you have planning to sync. In the case of cloud services, an internet connection will allow you to sync everything online. Any device you have can be connected using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to sync it up.

What Devices That Actually Supported by Syncmate?

SyncMate comes with a high volume of features and can be easily used on IOS and Android devices. There are a number of supported devices and services. you can easy to connect android phone to mac.

people need more than one device to run lives nowadays. Therefore, it is important to keep everything tied up with one another so as to avoid confusion. This also eliminates a lot of challenges and also keeps the data handy. SyncMate comes with various efficiency features that you must use for convenient accessing of data.

How Do We Start Syncing Using Syncmate?

The process of syncing completely depends on the type of device and service you use. You can use the Wi-Fi USB and Bluetooth services to create an absolute connection.

How Much Money Do I Need to Pay to Use Syncmate?

The free version is there but you have to adjust a little bit in that case. It is just limited to syncing contacts and calendar which majority of the time the users do not need.

 you can enjoy using the free version as well as the paid one depending on the needs of functions. In order to start syncing different varieties of services, just download the expert version and it has the best of features possible.

  • $ 39.95 for personally using the service and syncing 2 macs
  • $ 59.9 pay for the whole family that allows syncing 6 macs.
  • $ 199. 95 for unlimited use and an unlimited number of Mac

SyncMate is of great use and works best for Digital libraries all across the devices. It not only helps in safeguarding your data but also identifies in case anything is altered or wrongly done. It keeps everything organized and makes life very easy.


Keeping your data synced from different devices together does not need you to stay glued to a particular place or a thing. No matter whether it is a social media file, music, calendar, contact, or anything, everything can be favorably clubbed together using SyncMate. The simple user-friendly platform also comes with cloud storage features that don’t even need you to have a device to access the details.

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At any point in time, you need to access something, the cloud storage feature would let you do that. This not only increases the productivity of the individual but also saves a lot of time. It also adds to the confidence because you just have everything right before you and there is no need to hunt anything at all.

People who strictly want to sync that Mac and Android devices together love using SyncMate. You don’t have to be paranoid at all because whatever information is synced does not undergo any harm. The valuable application is a must-have for people who value their data and need to keep everything organized and safeguarded.

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