How To Collect Diwali Stamps in Google Pay

Happy Diwali to all of you. Today we are going to share about how to collect Diwali stamps on google pay. So, if you want to know this then please read this full article. We have covered almost everything related to this topic.

Today we have covered new tricks about Google Pay Diwali Stamps. You will get Rs 251, just collect 5 Diwali stamps. You will get the trick here, How to Collect Total 5 Unique Diwali Stamps and Win 251rs or Chance to get upto 1 Lakh. How can you take advantage of this offer? Here we will guide you some steps you have to follow.

Best Trick To Collect Diwali Stamps [100% Working]

How To Collect Diwali Stamps

  • Firstly update or download your Google pay app from the link given here: Google Pay Link
  • This offer is only after updating your Google Pay app.
  • After tapping on the above link, you will be able to see the Diwali Gateway Like below.
  • Now you have to send a gift on any stamp.
  • The user will get a surprise stamp and now you have to go back to the dashboard and go downstream and you will be able to see the Diwali scanner option. Just Tap on it.
  • There should be another phone / PC for this. Now search Jhumka, Phool, Diya, Lantern, Rangoli in Google in another phone and scan 5 times to get different stamps. Note: You can only scan 5 times a day.
  • After scanning 5 times, now gift your collected stamps 5 times. When you gift stamps, don’t worry, you will get different stamps as well.
  • For sending money, recharge, or bill payment value Rs.35 or more.(coming soon, not yet active so don’t try this).
  • Right now, you can collect or gift a total of 10 tickets in one day. You can try again tomorrow.
  • If you have extra stamps then you can giveaway to your friends and when you have deposited all 5 stamps then you will get 251rs instantly in the bank and scratch the card worth Rs 1 lakh.

Five stamps:

  1. Rangoli Stamps
  2. Lantern Stamps
  3. Flower Stamps
  4. Diya Stamps
  5. Jhumka Stamps

How to redeem Rs.251 scratch card

How To Collect Diwali Stamps

  1. First Collect All unique stamps like Jhumka Stamp, Phool Stamp, Diya Stamp, Lantern Stamp or Rangoli Stamp.
  2. After this goto reward section >> you can see the redeem option.
  3. Click on Redeem option then you get 3 scratch cards.
  4. After this scratch, the pink card and you will get an assured cashback of Rs.251.
  5. Scratch Yellow Card Get up to 1 Lakh.

Rules of the game

  1. To win the prize, you have to collect all 5 different stamps by 11:59 pm on 31st October 2019.
  2. Stamps are given randomly. You can get any of the 5 different stamps through 3 collection methods.
  3. You can deposit up to 15 stamps in a day, with a limit of 5 stamps per collection method. The more you pay your friends and businesses with Google Pay, the more stamps you will collect.
  4. For P2P payments, you can only submit one stamp per day for the unique Google Pay user.

What you’ll get

  1. When you collect all 5 different tickets, get a guaranteed ₹ 251 gift from Google Pay and a Rs 25 Diwali bonus ticket.
  2. Diwali Bonus Ticket is a special lucky draw ticket on Google Pay that can win you Bonus 1 Lakh. It unlocks on 1 November 2019, so stay tuned to find out if you are the winner!
  3. Your earned rewards will appear in the rewards channel.
  4. You can win a maximum of 1 for each prize.

Terms and conditions

How To Collect Diwali Stamps

  1. This offer is not available to the residents of the state of Tamil Nadu.
  2. If you have earned more than INR 9,000 in all Google Pay offers during this current financial year (1 April to 31 March), then you are not eligible for this offer.
  3. Offer for those who complete service terms and conditions.
  4. If you earn a reward, your prize money will be credited to your bank account. Thus, you must have a UPI-enabled savings account attached to your Google Pay account to receive payments from Google. Please be sure to link your UPI enabled savings account to your Google Pay account within 45 days of claiming the reward, failing that the reward will be considered forfeited.
  5. Apprentices, employees, office-holders, and contractors as well as their immediate families (parents, siblings, children, spouses, and spouses of each, where they live) Google LLC, its affiliates and subsidiaries, and Google or other individuals of any person or agencies who are associated with the offer are not eligible to participate.
  6. This proposal is not available to the residents of the state of Tamil Nadu (Tamil Nadu Award Scheme (Prohibition) Act 1979) and wherever prohibited by law. Residents of these states should not participate in this proposal.
  7. If you have earned more than INR 9,000 (INR 9,000) during all Google Pay offers during this current financial year (1 April to 31 March), then you are not eligible for this offer.
  8. Furthermore, if you win one lakh (1,00,000) reward through this offer, you will no longer be eligible for any other Google Pay offer for the rest of the financial year.
  9. If you earn a winning prize of Indian Rupees One Lakh (INR 1,00,000), while claiming your prize, you will need to provide your permanent account number and any other documents that Google requires for tax purposes.
  10. Each Google Pay customer can only use a set of Google Pay credentials, but not limited to a Google account, phone number, and type of payment, to qualify for the offer. Neither of these unique Google Pay credentials would have been used to register a Google Pay account.

Final words

If you read all the rules and guidelines and you are eligible to get Diwali stamps then go ahead. We already shared the possible ways of how to collect Diwali stamps. If you have any questions regarding this then comment below.

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