In a world of freshly brewed content, you should not miss a single chance to grab hold of an entertainment opportunity. Well! With ‘entertainment’ I’m referring to you indulging yourself in an adventure fantasy to escape from your work stress and be a part of a fictional journey for an engaging experience. Here I’m talking about the fantasy anime: Black Clover. Exclusively licensed by Crunchyroll, if you have not watched this anime series yet Download Crunchyroll videos asap for an offline viewing experience. 

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Now ‘How to download videos from Crunchyroll’ should no more be a question to worry about as you will ease all your worries by providing you not only the answer to this one but also you will be in for a lot more surprises. Let’s quickly check what Black Clover is all about. 

Black Clover: An Adventure Fantasy Anime Series

Crunchyroll Video Downloader

Black Clover is a Japanese manga series written by Yuki Tabata. It was later adapted as an OVA in 2017. A few basic highlights of this Shonen anime series are listed below for a quick brief:

Series NameBlack Clover
Release Date3rd October, 2017
Runtime23 minutes per episode
IMDb Rating8.6/10
GenreAdventure, Fantasy
DirectorTatsuya Yoshihara, Ayataka Tanemura
ProducerMaiko Isotani, Naomi Komatsu 
WritersKazuyuki Fudeyasu, Kanichi Katou
NarratorsRobert Clotworthy, James Thornton
Star Casts(Voice Artists)CharactersEnglish ArtistsJapanese Artists
AstaDallas ReidGakuto Kajiwara
YunoMicah SolusodNobunaka Shimazaki
Noelle SilvaJill HarrisKana Yuuki
Lumiere Silvamillion CloverChris Burnett Syu Hikari 
Gauche AdlaiDave TroskoSatoshi Hino
Yami SukehiroChristopher R. SabatJunichi Suwabei
Gordon AgrippaMike McFarlandKenichirou Matsuda

Let us quickly have a brief overview of what this adventurous anime has to offer you. 

Plot Of Black Clover

The plot of the series revolves around the four kingdoms namely, Clover Kingdom, Heart Kingdom, Diamond Kingdom, and the Spades Kingdom. And the nine squads, namely the Black Bulls Squad, Golden Dawn Squad, Crimson Lion Kings Squad, Silver Eagles Squad, Green Praying Mantises Squad, Blue Rose Knights Squad, Purple Orcas Squad, Aqua Deer Squad, Coral Peacocks Squad. 

MAGIC EMPEROR: WIZARD KING (Lumiere Silvamillion Clover) 
1.Black Bull SquadYami Sukehiro
2.Golden Dawn SquadWilliam Vengeance
3.Silver Eagle SquadNozel Silva
4.Blue Rose SquadCharlotte Roselei
5.Coral Peacock SquadDorothy Unsworth
6.Purple Orca SquadKaiser Granvorka
7.Aqua Deer SquadRill Boismortier
8.Crimson Lion SquadFuegoleon Vermillion
9.Green Mantis SquadJack The Ripper 

On the outskirts of Clover Kingdom, two young orphans are raised. Asta, a young boy with no magical powers, and Yuno, his best friend and rival, has the special magical abilities to use magic based on celestial bodies. Over the years, proving their worth they are selected as Magic Knights under the leadership of a Magic Emperor to protect their country. Having earned a four-leaf clover Yuno is selected as a mage of the Golden Dawn Squad, whereas, Asta secures a place amongst the leftovers in the Black Bulls Squad. 

Though best friends but rivals on the battlefield, Asta and Yuno bet on each other to become the Wizard King of the Clover Kingdom.

Storyline Of The Series

In a fantasy world where everyone possesses magical powers, Asta stands as an exception as he is blessed with none. On the other hand, his best friend-cum -rival, Yuno, has an enormous amount of magical powers. The rule that sustains in this fantasy world is: Respect is directly proportional to the number of magic powers one possesses. The world is divided between the residents of the City side area residing in the Kingdom, Noblers, having high magical powers, and the residents of the townsite area residing in villages, Commoners, who are considered to be a lower class. 

Wizard King is the Head of all the Magical Knights and possesses the maximum magical powers. But Asta and Yuno have bet against each other to be the next Wizard King. Every person who is 15 years of age is awarded a grimoire of its own. Grimoire is a book of magic that comprises all the magic spells and attacks for the use of higher-level magic. Asta and Yuno participated in the magic ceremony. Since Asta has no magical powers, he doesn’t get any grimoire, whereas, Yuno gets a rare and special four-leaf clover which was once awarded to the first Wizard King ever. 

After some time, a person attacks Yuno to attain his four-leaf clover. To protect Yuno, Asta interferes in their fight. Though Asta does not possess any magic power with the help of his courage and physical powers he defends and safeguards his friend, Yuno. In this process, he comes across an old, shabby book allowing him to receive his grimoire, and in turn, he becomes the owner of his newly received magical powers. With the help of the magic powers, Asta and Yuno, together defeat that person. 

Though Asta has received his grimoire, its power is unknown to him and everyone. Will it bring immense power and good luck to Asta or will it leave him inviting grave dangers? Watch Black Clover now to see what destiny holds for a commoner and powerless, Asta, in the world where magic is worshiped. 

Turn and Twist Angle Of Black Clover

Though born as an ordinary orphan without any magic powers in the world ruled by magic, Asta’s life turns 180° after wielding a magical object that is extremely rare and unnatural: a five-leaf clover. Where the three-leaf clover represents faith, hope, and love. An additional fourth leaf brings in luck. But the fifth leaf in the clover represents a demon, depicting the presence of a devil. 

Our Verdict 

Black Clover has every potential to surpass Naruto and prove a metal in the anime genre. The Captain of Bull Squad, Yami, is a booster and surpasses his limits each time. Each character has a different past story and they all respect each other. The bond between Asta and Yuno is something to envy. The art, animation, soundtracks, and the colorful magical powers of all the characters make Black Clover a must-watch anime series. 

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Steps To Download A Series Using StreamGaGa Crunchyroll Downloader

Now you can download Black Clover and a lot more anime fun using StreamGaGa Crunchyroll Downloader by simply following a few steps:

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Crunchyroll Video Downloader
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Following a few basic steps, your preferred anime media is successfully saved on your device in your chosen language to be accessed offline without the need for any internet connection. Now whether you are on a trip with friends or in a cozy blanket, your downloaded file is always ready in your pockets.

Final Words

Black Clover has successfully released 4 seasons with 170 episodes. The journey of its madness and craze has not ended yet as the team is already planning to release a movie in 2023. You never know if you get to see Season 5 as well. To not miss the upcoming fun, gear yourself and be prepared with indulging yourself in the journey of Asta and Yuno.

This anime series is a lot of fun to watch. It has all the capabilities to live up to your expectations. If you have not watched it yet, download and watch the episodes on StreamGaga Crunchyroll Downloader for a smooth and seamless experience asap. Hurry up! The offer is not unlimited but surely your precious time is!


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