PGT+: Pro GFX & Optimizer (v0.19.8): Everybody loves to play pubg digital games but sometimes managing things Can Be The Hardest task ever. If you want to have the best gaming experience with a full-on control, try the pro gfx toolkit once at least.

PGT+ (Pro Graphics Toolkit) 0.19.8 – Download Mod for Free


You will have a 60fps unbeatable experience in every match.

PGT+: Pro GFX & Optimizer (v0.19.8) (Premium Unlocked) info-

App NamePGT+ : Pro GFX & Optimizer (v0.19.8) (Premium Unlocked)
PublisherTrilokia Inc.
Size2.8 MB
MODPremium unlocked
Root neededNo Need
Installation GuideRead Here

Downloading PGT+:Pro Gfx & Optimized

 It is very easy to download the app on Android handsets and tablets. All you need to do is manage some basic settings and you will be ready to play the game according to your will. There would be zero lag and dropouts. This will help you to win the favor in the best possible way.

If you already play PUBG on a daily basis, you have all the idea of how tough it is. The heavy game consumes a lot of resources. you ought to have very good RAM and storage capacity. Further, it will become difficult to enjoy the game if there are graphical restrictions. In other words, the gadget must support HDR and Ultra mode in the game so that you get to know the exact way things look.

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PUBG comes with multiple hidden graphics settings that will definitely help you to play better once uncovered.  you need to unlock them with Pro GFX Toolkit (v0.19.8). The tools will not work at all after. 1. 10 updates. Some of them also cause the account banning and that is a result of a huge disappointment for the users.

Now, the question is what should be done in order to enjoy the game thoroughly? You must keep reading ahead and we will guide you with something that is of 100% use and viability. You will be able to enjoy the best of settings for your Android phone after downloading in Pgt+: pro gfx & optimized tool and make proper settings.

What Is Pro Gfx Toolkit All About?

In simple words, the gfx tool refers to a full-fledged application that tweaks the host file of the game and unlocks certain features that leads to Extreme framerate. If your device supports just 30fps, it will be able to deliver just 30 images per second and that will not suffice a hardcore PUBG player.

You need to have access to better quality graphics so that enjoying the gameplay is possible. This particular tool will deliver you with higher FPS so that your low-end device doesn’t create any problems in portraying the images. The majority of the smartphones that you come across in the market do not have frame rate support of more than 30 FPS. You need to find higher frame rates in order to enhance the capacity of your device. A true game lover would never take a backseat from opting for such means.

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Use Pro gfx Optimizer APK to help your gadget reach 60fps is a very intelligent idea. You will be able to enjoy better color options and crisp graphics without spending any extra money. Also, there is no need to manage a whole lot of procedures and tactics. The tool is very simple and would always deliver a smart experience to everybody.

People regularly demand for the best PUBG gfx tool because they all want to have a seamless experience every time. Nobody wants the account to get banned and that is the reason why Pro gfx tool is a perfect option to Grab.

Why Pgt+:Pro Gfx & Optimized?

  • Helps to unlock HD graphics
  • Lets you explore perfect settings
  • Lets you enjoy potato graphics on the current PUBG version
  • Enables shadow
  • Eradicates unwanted low quality graphics

All of us know that there are 3 graphics choices available at our end. We can always choose something from low, high to medium depending on what we need.

Hardcore PUBG lovers will always try to push up their ranks by all means. Choosing pubg mobile Mod APK would be the best option in that case.

The paid version of Pgt+:Pro gfx & optimized comes with some advanced settings that keep the user satisfied by all means. It has a very limited number of features that are available for free. Specifically talking about the 60fps feature that we have just discussed on this page, it is only available with the paid version.

The Major Features of PGT+ :Pro Gfx & Optimized Are

inducing FPS


One of the most important features of Pgt+: pro gfx & optimized is inducing the frame rate. This is a very important option for enhancing the performance of the game because that is directly related to its graphics. The majority of the devices support a maximum of 30 FPS. In fact, you would easily come across people who are running PUBG games on low-end devices that just support 20 FPS.

This actually spoils all the fun and you need to immediately get a solution for that. Never settle for a  bad experience or the device lag. Instead, download the gfx+ tool and that would help you to get an extreme frame rate no matter what type of device you have.

Anti Ban Feature


The great feature of Pro GFX Toolkit and Optimizer premium is that it will never get you banned. Your account is always protected even if you unlock the HD eXtreme FPS.

Memory Boost


Not every device can afford to have PUBG because it literally consumes all the space it has. You need to clear a lot of cache memory and also get over the existing applications. It definitely takes a lot of effort and time when there is not so much empty space available. In such a scenario, you need to have Pro GFX Toolkit Optimizer Pro APK that is a great option for automatic boosting. This will clean away all the memory and also result in background applications running well.

How to Use the Memory Boost Option?

  1. Launch Pro GFX Toolkit on your screen and grab advanced graphic option
  2.  enable boost memory option

Never remove the toolkit from the background else the function will stop working immediately.

  • Inbuilt game settings

You would definitely adore this particular feature. There are plenty of tube gfx tools available on the Google Play Store. Somehow, we need to manually configure them so as to Grab certain settings. Since, every device has a different way of performing, it simply means that the gfx tool will be resulting in creating a lot of complexities. People find it literally a rocket science to churn out the best performance from their devices.  as an alternative we have inbuilt game settings through the Pro gfx tool kit that gives a sigh of relief.

Using Inbuilt Game Settings on Pgt+ :Pro Gfx & Optimized

  1. Launch Pro gfx and Optimizer Pro apk on your screen
  2. Quickly choose best settings for your device as an available option
  3. Hunt for your device in the name of search bar
  4.  choose the import option

And you know what is the best part about it? You can send the same setting to your friends if they have the same device.

User friendly interface

Pgt+ :pro gfx & optimized is a great option for people who are not so good at technicalities. It can arrange things in such a manner that using the PUBG game enjoying its Core features becomes possible. You will be able to ensure the best settings for your device and that will immediately stimulate your User experience.

Zero lag

It is quite normal for the low end devices to create troubles on playing a high graphic game like PUBG. In order to have an uninterrupted experience, you must specifically choose Pro GFX Toolkit so that all the interactions are eradicated and quality support is available.

Battery Efficient

Having a low battery? No problem because the all in one gaming tool lets you enjoy the best of gaming experience even when there is little phone battery left. So if you ever want to get rid of boredom and want to make the best use of the left over battery, simply start playing PUBG after optimising it through the gaming tool.

 Extra Features Available

  1. Altering FPS according to the requirements
  2. Enabling HDR
  3. Supports various games
  4. Complete support for potato graphics

Step by Step Guide to Download
PGT+: Pro Graphics Toolkit

Even with the minimal amount of knowledge for Android, one can download the amazing application without any hassles. Here are the steps that will guide you to download Pgt+ :pro gfx & optimized on your Android device without any problems faced-

  1. As the first step you need to go to the direct download page of the application and you will be able to install it in your Android device.
  2. Install your application by choosing the start download Option. Within seconds it will begin to download.
  3. Launch the file after downloading it on your device . it will  ask for your permission as a first step. the permission will be asked only for the first and the last time.
  4. You can ignore the step if you have not faced any issue
  5. Move towards the setting option of an Android device and navigate to allow from this source option
  6. Press the back option and you will be able to install the application without any errors.

If you have the previous version of Pro GFX Toolkit, make sure that you completely uninstall it else the download will fail.

More About Pro Gfx Toolkit

People are simply mad about players’ unknown Battleground game that is popularly known as PUBG. Somehow they are not doing any kind of Justice by playing it on low end devices. The game is all about survival. The players from different parts of the world are dropped into an unknown Island. The one that survives at the end is the winner.

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You need to give your best in order to actually overcome the obstacles and to throw away the enemy. But do you think is it at all possible if the game does not work properly? Allow yourself to get the best experience of the game by downloading PGT Pro graphics Toolkit today.

People who do not have high quality mobile phones generally opt for downloading the lite version of PUBG. This automatically eradicates a lot of features by making it difficult to actually enjoy the game. If you want to Unleash the power of the game, you need to find out the exact features and specifications it has. The tool kit would help you to achieve high quality graphics without exposing your game to any kind of danger.

There is a wide range of custom settings available in the application so that you can smoothly enjoy the different features of the game. PGT is otherwise legally available on the Google Play Store and comes with paid features. As an alternative, you must download  Plus APK that is a mod. It will allow you to enjoy those same features of PGT without paying any money.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will using Pro GFX Toolkit result in banning my account?

No, that will not result in banning your account. You will be able to enjoy the optimal features of the tool without getting any issues. It comes with an anti-ban feature.

What Is the Cost of Downloading Pro Gfx and Optimizer?

The cost of downloading in total is just rupees 65. Some of the features are available for free as well. On thinkkers, the features are available for free.

What Should I Do if My Gfx and Optimizer Apk Is Not Working?

The cost of downloading in total is just rupees 65. Some of the features are available for free as well, the features are available for free.


I hope you have completely understood what pro gfx and optimizer(PGT+) APK is all about. Our objective was to improve your gaming experience and to help your low-end device to work better. You can even share the application with your friends if you actually liked it.



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