How To Unblur Text On A Website?

Would you like to know how to unblur text on a website? Those who are interested will find what they are looking for here. Visiting a website and discovering the texts are hidden or blurred may make you wonder if they can be seen or unblurred.

The following are a few ways to unblur text on a website, although there are very few solutions available at the moment. The contents of some academic websites are intentionally blurred, which makes them unavailable to those who buy subscriptions.

Why are the texts blurred on websites?

Most academic websites blur the text so users can’t access their premium content, which is the purpose of blurring the texts. The only content available on their website when students search for answers to questions is blurred.

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Sites like Chegg, Coursehero, TutorBin, etc., are among them. There may be some websites that won’t respond to the method I will discuss, but most will. In order to protect their premium content from such invasions, some websites changed their algorithms.

What is the best way to unblur text on a website?

Using the “Inspect” feature of your desktop is the best and easiest way to remove blurry text. The best way to unblur text or documents is to open them on your desktop and use the right-click button to unblur them.

How To Unblur Text On A Website

Selecting Inspect among the options when you right-click can show you different options. Using inspect, you can view the source code of text, pages, paragraphs, documents, etc. If you are good at coding, you can even change the document, remove hidden code, and do many other things.

What is the process of removing blur from text using the inspect tool?

You can unblur pages by right clicking >> inspecting them. Unblurring a file or text requires opening it first. Using the right-click menu, access the inspect feature by moving the mouse over the blurred area.

  • The source code for the hidden page can be found on your right-hand side. If you look closely at the line *p>…*/p>, you will see it repeated two or three times continuously.
How To Unblur Text On A Website
  • Below that will be the script starting code containing the <div class=”sample-preview-blur”> element. The blurred text or document is created by this code.
  • Put none instead of sample preview blur as in <div class=”none”> and then press enter to remove the blurred text or images.
How To Unblur Text On A Website

This article will show you how to unblur text on a website using simple methods. Press right-click and use the inspection tool to replace the hidden code in other document portions if the text is not blurred sufficiently.

The code may have different formatting in other documents than <div class=” ..blur>”. You must replace it with “none” only if it is hidden, inaccessible, or another type of text.

Use the Internet Archive or Wayback Machine to view blurred documents

You can find old webpages or websites in the Internet Archive’s large database. There is also a possibility that it holds the blurred web pages that are currently hidden due to the paywall.

  • Here is another way to fix blurred text or documents: copy the URL
  • Then, enter the URL on the Internet Archive site by clicking the ‘enter text or URL’ button.
how to unblur text on a website
  • After placing the URL, press the enter key
  • You can find out whether the wayback machine is able to access the URL on the next page.
how to unblur text on a website
  • There may be a link on the same page that will direct you to an unblurred version of the text or web page if it is available.

Use Google translate to view hidden text

Unblurring text online or removing blurred text can be done with the help of Google translate. There is an amazing way to unblur something that you might be unaware of. Use Google Translate to do this. Here’s an example of how we would unblur the hero text on the course website. Here are the steps to follow:

  • The first thing you need to do is go to the relevant website you want to unblur
How To Unblur Text On A Website
  • Copy the URL of the web page from the address bar
  • Please click here to access the full website of Google translate (open the full website by clicking here).
How To Unblur Text On A Website
  • On the right-hand side, you will see the same URL that you pasted
  • You should make sure that readable language is selected. You can access the page by clicking the link (blue in color).
  • By clicking the link, you will be taken to a new page that contains the unblurred text or document.
How To Unblur Text On A Website

Google Translate is a great tool for unblurring course hero websites or other documents; it doesn’t require coding at all.

How to remove blur online using an alternative method?

Could you tell me if there is another way to unblur a text? Can you suggest another way to unblur text on a website? In that case, yes, I would say yes. The inspection option may not work on some websites, or you may not be able to unblur the text without inspecting the option.

You can also subscribe to that service or buy a membership to that particular content. Using an unblurring guide might not be necessary then.

As mentioned above, I blurred the text in order to hide unpaid users’ premium content. If you become a member of the site, you will be able to access those texts. By doing so, you’ll have unlimited access to content.

If the blur is reversed, can I get it back?

It is possible to reverse this action, although there is no reason to blur the texts once blurred text has been removed. Refreshing a page or website will do the opposite. The previous code can also be added again and pressed enter; <div class=”sample-preview-blur”>.

What is the legality of inspecting a website?

It is entirely legal to inspect a website and access its data. It is recommended that you obtain permission from the website owner before using sensitive data or copyrighted designs.

However, if all you are using for your study purposes is academic information, then that is fine. This guide will help your friends and colleagues understand how to unblur text on a website.


This article should have answered your question about how to unblur text on a website with simple steps. Using the Inspect option on any page, you can access the source code of a website. I discussed above how to replace the blur code.

You can also use Google Translate, Internet Archive, and other powerful methods to unblur a website. To remove blur from text or web pages, we have discussed all the methods in detail in this article.

The premium material is available to students by removing the blurred item from the guide, since not every student can afford the subscription fees.

These methods should not be used to violate any website’s copyrights or to steal data, as these are illegal and punishable offenses.


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