How To Add Characters To Mugen [Full Guide]

Hello everyone, how are you all? I hope you all are doing well in your life. Today we are going to tell you what Mugen is and how to add characters to Mugen in this article. So, without wasting your precious time, just learn how you can do it easy methods.

MUGEN is also known as M.U.G.A.N, Mugen, and M.U.G.E.N. It is designed by Elecbyte freeware 2D fighting game engine. The content is created by the community, and thousands of fighters, both from the original and popular fiction, are created. It is written in C and originally used in the Allegro library. The latest versions of the fighting game engine now use the SDL library. Mugen is a 2d fighting game engine.

10 Easy Steps To add Mugen characters

How to add characters to Mugen

This Fighting game engine uses a possessory-compiled bytecode for graphics and audio for your computer. It has quite very strong support for adding stages, characters, custom character selection, and menu screens. There are many cool characters available on the internet that people have created, ranging from entertainment to completely original creations for popular characters. In your Mugen game search engine, Adding downloaded characters requires editing configuration files. If you’re looking for how to add Mugen characters, you’ll come to the right place. Let’s get into it.

How to add Mugen characters

As per the status of an open platform, Mugen allows every player to add cool custom characters to the roster. You can download and create with the help of the Internet. In any case, you will have to modify the files of the games to make those characters playable. Let’s see how you can add Mugen character.

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Step 1: You should download the Mugen character files for the character which you want to add in Mugen. There are many cool characters available online that you can add to the MUGEN game engine. Character packs come in Zip or RAR format. You can easily download the characters from different fan sites, including:

  • org
  • com
  • com

Step 2: Open the downloaded file. If it is a zip file, you need to double-click on it to see its contents. If it is a RAR file, you will need a program such as 7-Zip or WinRAR to open the file.

Step 3: Extract files. Extract the RAR or ZIP file so that you can enter the folder. Click on the Extract button that is showing on the screen when you open the file, or you can right-click and select “Extract File”.

Step 4: Check your files. The most important thing when checking your new character files is the DEF file of the character. This filename must have the same as the folder that contains it. For example, if the folder name is “LINK_3D”, then the DEF file name should be “LINK_3D.def”.

  • If there are multiple DEF files in the new character folder, just make sure that base one matches a folder name. For example, the LINK_3D may contain several DEF files for different versions. As long as the file “LINK_3D.def” matches the folder name, you should be fine.

Step 5: Open your MUGEN installation directory. MUGEN can be installed anywhere, so open the folder you extracted your MUGEN files after downloading. If you can’t remember where it is, do a search on your computer for “Mugen”.

Step 6: Copy the new character’s folder to the char folder. You will find four folders inside your Mugen folder. Drag the newly removed character folder to this folder.

Step 7: Open the .data folder in your Mugen folder. It contains files that control the MUGEN emulator.

Step 8: Open the “select.def” file in notepad. Right-click on the file and choose “Open with”. Choose Notepad from the list of programs. Find the [characters] section. This is a list of all the character files that have been added to your game.

Step 9: Type the folder name for your new character. The name you type here corresponds to the folder you added for your four folders, which must match the character’s DEF file name. For example, if your new character’s folder name is LINK_3D, type LINK_3D in the [Characters] section.

Step 10: Set character order for arcade mode. You can easily set the “order” of your character, which determines where the character will appear in arcade mode. For example, by default Arcade Mode pits you against six Order 1 opponents, an Order 2 opponent, and an Order 3 opponent. You can set the character as an order from 1 to 10. The game will randomly draw all characters from the same sequence when determining a match-up.

  • Add “character.def” to the end of the character’s entry in the file, command = #.

Note: Mugen allows you to order your every character from 1 to 10. The game will then randomly choose between characters of the same order.

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