How to Fix Steam Disk Write Error on Multiple Games Quickly

Today we are going to tell you to solve “Steam disk write error”. If you are searching for the solution of Steam disk write error thing then, If Your Disk Not Write Don’t Worry We are Share Some Method So Your Issue 100% Fix it.

For Steam users, steam disk and write errors are a very common problem in computer or laptop. Steam is a software that allows its users to install and update many types of video games. It is a widely used and recognized software that provides many functions to its users. Steam is mostly used for gaming.

How to Fix Steam Disk Write/Read Error

Always this error will occur when you are trying to download or update any games that you have Bought on the Steam platform. This steam error appears anytime on your desktop. Steam is unable to save any games data or download data to your computer during any new installation or update.

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How can we fix this error? If you are having any type of trouble on installing or updating the game on the Steam due to this steam disk write error, then you must try these given methods below.

Method 1: Set The Game Folder to Not Be Read-Only on Your Device

In this method, you have to change the little settings of the folder. If the game folder is set on to read-only and no data can be written to it, then you may get this steam to write error when you’re trying to upload or write data. To remove the Steam disk write error, you can follow the given steps:

  1. First of all, Exit the Steam application and then open the File explorer (double click on This PC).
  2. And, then open the Steam installation directory which is located in Local Disk C: \ Program Files \ Steam (x86) \ SteamApps \ Common and this is made by default.
  3. The next step is to Right-click on that folder (which folder has your game is installed but failed to update) and then choose the folder’s “Properties“.
  4. Uncheck the Read-Only option of that folder and change the permission by click on the Apply button.

Method 2: Restart your computer and steam also.

Most of the time, this problem is small and temporary. Even only restarting your computer can solve this error. And, restarting the steam and your computer is the easiest way to control this temporary error on your device and then you can try to download, play and enjoy your game again.

If your error is not solved from this method then you should try our next useful method. It will surely help you to get rid of this error.

Method 3: Modify Steam Settings on Your Device to Fix The Error

If you want to try this solution then you have to change the download area of ​​your game. As the steam content software has a different number of fields. Sometimes, on the computer, a specific download area gets overloaded due to the many game’s presence and other data, and obviously, this can cause steam and then you see steam disk write error on the screen. To do this method, follow these steps:

  • The first step is to open the Steam client and after this click Settings. This will open a menu.
  • Then click on download and go to the download area.
  • Later, select any download area other than what was previously selected and restart the Steam client. This will probably resolve your error.

Method 4: Delete Corrupted Files in The Log Folder

On your device, Some corrupt files in the steam log can also responsible for this type of errors(steam disk write error). So, if there are any corrupted files in log then remove it instantly. To do this:

  • Press the Windows logo key and R on your keyboard at the same time. Then copy and paste %ProgramFiles(x86)% this in the run box section and enter.
  • After this, Navigate and open Steam> Log> Content_Log.
  • Next step, scroll the file at the bottom, and check is there any failure writing the error:
    • If yes, then you must find the error folder or error path, and delete the corrupted file.
    • If not, close Windows.
  • Repeat the game download or update the game and see your error should be removed.

Method 5: Check Firewall Settings

Yes, the windows firewall can also make problems for steam from working so that you should make temporary disable your firewall when you use steam. Such as a firewall may disable Steam to read or write anything on the hard disk. After you have disabled your computer’s firewall, the firewall has restarted the Steam to check if the error happened. And if the error is not shown on your screen, then you update the Steam and it will work again without any error.

Method 6: Check Out Other Programs and Services

Software, which modifies or monitors system, disk, or network activity, can cause problems when downloading or playing games. These programs and services can run in the background and are usually associated with software such as web-optimizers, anti-viruses, ad-blockers, system cleaners, firewalls, and more.

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You can easily contact any technical support team to confirm that these services and programs are not creating problems to Steam. You can temporarily disable them for testing purposes.

Method 7: Clear Your Steam Download Cache

A screenshot of clearing the Steam download cache. If your Steam download cache folder is corrupted then it may cause the steam disk write errors. To fix this problem, open Steam. Then navigate to Steam> Settings> Downloads> Clear Download Cache.


In this article, you will find information on how to fix steam disks and write errors with the following working methods. Playing the game is full of fun and enjoy the thing. If you still have a problem writing steam disks after trying all these improvements, you can tackle a new problem. In this case, Your have only the best option is to contact Steam for personal troubleshooting assistance or you can post on the forum of the Steam Community.

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