How To Make a Transparent Background in Paint

Hello friends, how are you all? I wish you all are good. If you’re a painting lover and searching about How to make a transparent background in paint then now your problem is solved. Because you came in the right place, here you will get explained methods on How to make a transparent background in the paint. So read this full article below.

The image with a transparent background makes a powerful effect on anyone just because there is no background that can distract you. And, The second thing is you can create a new image by adding a transparent image perfectly.

Easy Steps To Make a Transparent Background in Paint

How to make a transparent background in paint

The most important thing is you can use any color or pattern as the background because it is transparent by default. So now you also want to make a transparent image for you. And, you can do it using Paint and Paint 3d software also in windows 10 only.

What is paint 3d?

How to make a transparent background in paint

You can call it an updated version of Paint but Microsoft has included the Paint 3D app in addition to the Classic Paint app when the Creators Update came. And, you know it also supports pen input. It has various art tools that help users to create objects, edit images and logos. The Paint 3d application has tools to convert any 2d objects into 3D objects. You can create any PNG images, logos, transparent images by using Paint 3D. Read below how this can be done easy steps.

How to make a transparent background in paint

The simplest way to create transparency in paint is to use the transparent selection tool in combination with the free-form selection option. You use this special combination of tools to locate a region on your original image that is retained while the rest of the image becomes a transparent background. For example, if you want to cut an item from an image to a different image or a new background, this method is perfect for paint users.

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To successfully transport any part of an image from a file after completing the previous steps, use the Ctrl + C key buttons together to copy the portion of the image that you want to copy into the new file, and then press Ctrl + Press V together for pasting that part of the image.

How to make a transparent background in paint 3d

How to make a transparent background in paint

If you are going to use Paint 3D, you can take the benefits of the various editing tools and layering features. Although Paint does not explicitly provide users with the option to create and manage 3D layers, there are methods you can use to create completely transparent areas of images.

First of all, you have to select the object to remove the existing background. Then, after saving the image with transparency, transparency needs to be added. Now, follow the steps:

After opening the Paint 3D application, open your favorite image and press the canvas button. Choose the Transparent Canvas option on the sidebar to ensure that any areas you remove on the image are converted to transparency.

Use the selection tool to isolate the specific area of ​​your image that you want to convert to transparency. When the area is selected, press the Ctrl + X key combination to remove that specific area from transparency.

The transparent section of the image can be supplemented by saving a quasi-transparent file and opening it in conjunction with another image in Paint. You can then change the image with transparency as needed to achieve the desired effect. Ultimately, this allows you to create highly complex image layers that are impossible to achieve without the use of transparency.

Create an image’s white background transparently

How to make a transparent background in paint

Finally, if any of your images are on a white background and you want to make it transparent then continue to read. For that, click on the canvas option on the screen and enable the toggle for the transparent canvas.

  • Once you follow this step, you will get to see that your image becomes transparent and the white background disappears.
  • Now, you have to know how to save this, Saving the image is a very important step.

With the background out of the way, it is time to save our final image. For that, follow these steps given below:

  • First, click on the menu icon and select Save from the menu.
  • Next, you need to ensure things. The Save as type box should show a PNG file format. If it is showing another format then change it to PNG. And, you should check the transparency box.
  • It is very important to save the file in PNG format. You should not save the image in JPG or JPEG, because it is different from PNG and you will lose transparency.
  • In the last step, click the Save button. Then a popup will come and here you have to select the file name and choose a save location. Done, now the image with a transparent background is ready.


If the image is a solid color then Paint can filter the background color of that image, and you can paste it into another image. However, the paint does not allow you to save images with a transparent background, and when you save transparent image then it will change that transparent area into white in the saved image.

We hope you have not to face any problems in the process of making any image background transparent or removing any image of the background. Share this article with your friends and comment about your experience on this website.

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