How To Add Subtitles To a Video

Are you searching How To Add Subtitles To a Video? Nowadays people love to watch videos on the smartphone as people step on their social media. So it makes sense to give the perfect content to show to that audience, right? Even if you are just making a short film for your friends or Youtube, it will take time to design that film so that they can see it anywhere.

2 Easy Ways To Add Subtitles To a Video

How To Add Subtitles To a Video

This is when subtitling comes here to give comfort to the viewers, not to ensure that your content is reaching an audience with hearing loss. You don’t believe, adding subtitles to any video is comfortable, super straightforward and easy for all of us. Today I’m going to share with you a few ways on how to add subtitles to a video, and you can get started in just a few clicks.


How To Add Subtitles To a Video

We are going to use Aegisub to add subtitles to a video. It’s not always easy to work with Aegisub, but once you get the control over it, you’ll be able to add subtitles to any video very quickly. We will show you the basics here how you can add subtitles to a video.

We are going to start by opening to this website and downloading its official app for the PC. And now you just have to follow the instruction as we are going to tell you:

Open Your Video

When Aegisub is installed on your PC, open it and click Video> Open Video. Just select your video from your file manager and click open.

Now, you will now see the main subtitle interface:

  • On the left side, you will see the video you have selected and opened. And on the right side, there is the audio track. And at the bottom, you will get the subtitled grid, and here you’ll get the timing or duration of video, styling, CPS, and each subtitle’s text.

Select The Audio For Subtitling

To begin, you have to just scroll to the first line of the audio track which you want to add subtitle. Then you must have to click and drag to select the first sentence you want to subtitle on the video. You can use the spectrum video analyzer to set a good the perfect timing for subtitles.

Just press the Spacebar or click the Play Audio if you want to play audio from your selection until the end of the selection. You need to adjust the starting and end of the selection until your subtitles suits to the video and it will appear on the screen.

Enter Your Subtitles

Then click into the subtitle editor and type the words you want to show on the screen: You can add a line break by pressing Shift + Enter to move some of your text to the next line.

If the Characters per second value is too high, then you are asking your readers to go in a very short period of time with a lot of text. To fix this thing, you have to break your texts or divide your text into two different subtitles.

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When you feel that the length of the subtitle is perfect for the video then just press Enter or you can check any other pending audio changes. Now in the subtitle grid, You will see the subtitle marked with the time you selected:

Once you have added a subtitle on your selected video then just repeat the same process to add more subtitles for the rest of the audio in your video. Play the entire video periodically to ensure that your subtitles are well-timed.

Save The Video File

When you are subtitling your MP4, you have to save the subtitled file so that you can use it later. Click the File menu and then choose Save or Save icon. When you save or export your subtitles, they are ready to be loaded into the media player.


How To Add Subtitles To a Video

We are going to use Filmora in the second method. So you have to download the Filmora app for Windows PC or MAC. Follow the given steps below to add subtitles to a video:

Import Your Source Video

When you installed Filmora then just launch Filmora, and after this select “New Project” to create a new project. After that, click “Import” or drag and drop your video directly into its Media Library window.

Add Subtitles To a Video

Just move your cursor to the Title tab and select any template for your title you want to apply to your video. This text will appear as a “T” icon on the timeline, you can drag it to any location in your video.

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If you want to change the font, design your own texts, color, style, animation, and anything else then you have to double click on the “T” icon to access the editing area. And you can customize the title also, for this you have to click the Advanced button. In the Advanced Text Editing window, you will see the option to add more text borders, apply animations and presets, and add text fill, shapes, and shadows.

Start Saving Subtitles to Your Video

When you have done your editing subtitles for your video, just click the “Export” option to save your edited video. In the Output window, you have to choose your edited video’s file format such as MOV, AVI, MP4, WMV, and then choose a format in which you want to save your video, or convert it to a DVD for playback on any standard DVD player and then share with it. Your video has added with subtitles, share it with friends via YouTube.


Fortunately, adding subtitles to a video is fairly easy. There are many different ways to do this, but we have chosen only these two methods for you. One of the advantages of Aegisub and Filmora is that you can set the time of each line of the audio when you want. There are some steps in the process and this can be complicated and confusing at times so if you have any questions about this article, feel free to comment. Thank you for reading.

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