5 Best Apps For Every Golfer Should Have [Latest]

Best Apps Every Golfer: golf is an exciting sport which is played with a ball and various clubs. it is a popular outdoor sport with historical importance. adventurous men, women, and children are interested in this sport, including senior citizens. with passing time, its importance increased as this game is not only beneficial for physical health but also for mental health.

Best Apps Every Golfer Should Have

Best Apps Every Golfer

golf is played in almost every country. professional golfers train players. competitive golfers take part in various competitions and get more opportunities. modern technology has helped golfers to get fruitful results and improving their game. the applications have made golf easy for beginners, and it polishes the skills of experts.

here are some applications every golfer must have:

Golf GPS rangefinder: Golf pad

Best Apps Every Golfer

Download 1 Million+
Reviews 18K reviews
Size 12 MB


  • this is one of the best-reviewed apps on the play store.
  • it provides useful stats to understand rounds better
  • it is very simple to use and reliable
  • the interface is simple and intuitive
  • the GPS feature is great and works efficiently while calculating the distance
  • helps you in the golf course, keeps your average score and gives you fly-by view on every whole
  • it does not use much data
  • amazing customer service
  • makes scoring easy
  • an accurate view of yardage
  • absolutely perfect for beginners
  • you can sync with your friends
  • it works well on the smartwatch
  • it is a user-friendly app
  • it tells you about the front, middle and back of green yardage
  • customer service is very helpful in explaining new functionality and quick in responding
  • it provides you with 40,000+ courses


Best Apps Every Golfer

Download 100K+
Reviews 5k reviews
Size 74 MB


  • incredible app with a high rating
  • it tracks distance accurately
  • it amazingly tracks shots
  • it is easy to use
  • it is very detailed and very informative
  • you can check the club distance
  • you can see the line of ball direction
  • it improves acceleration and knowledge of the game for beginners
  • it provides a very pleasing interface with the ability to edit the graphical accuracy of the course layouts
  • the scoring feature of this app is awesome
  • it helps you track your performance and shows where to improve
  • it is excellent in keeping scores and recording club performance
  • it is intuitive and easy to use
  • it helps you choose the best club sets
  • it also works with smartwatch and easily syncs with it
  • it helps you improve your golf tremendously
  • it provides you with a load of courses
  • the stats on the app are great, and graphics are awesome

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Best Apps Every Golfer

Download 100k+
Reviews 4k reviews
Size 9.3 MB


  • this is a highly rated app
  • this app provides you all the information you need to Analyze your game
  • you can sync with other players’ accounts
  • it is very simple yet detailed
  • it helps you find the courses quickly
  • it keeps your score and record of rounds
  • it tracks everything, and it uses very less battery
  • this app is a superb piece of kit for a keen golfer
  • customer service works immediately and amazingly
  • it helps you to track every stroke
  • it provides you the most simplistic and efficient scorecard
  • it provides you the option to play offline as well
  • it provides you brilliant map imaging
  • it helps you to add and update your course instantly
  • it doesn’t have a bunch of annoying ads
  • it keeps track of nearly all the stats you want
  • it is very helpful to calculate stable ford points
  • it provides a lot of courses to share with mates
  • it provides the user with a great web interface
  • it is easy to enter information and view results

Gold GPS & scorecard by SWINGU

Best Apps Every Golfer

Download 1 million+
Reviews 43k reviews
Size 70 MB


  • this app is easy to use with accurate yardage
  • this app improves your game with tips and tracking capabilities
  • it tracks putts per round
  • it works amazingly from beginners to experts
  • it provides excellent GPS coverage
  • distances are pretty accurate
  • local courses are available
  • it helps you lower your handicap substantially
  • it is an extremely user-friendly app
  • it has awesome features, and it provides detailed information
  • it provides you great scorecard function
  • it is so reliable, and the support team is amazing
  • it saves you from the bombardment of ads
  • it provides you easiest intuitive
  • it provides teaching videos for user guide
  • this app has everything you need plus extra features
  • it provides you clean graphics and easy navigation
  • it is a very efficient and responsive app
  • even the free version has accurate distance measurements
  • you won’t complain about its functionality
  • it provides you with the looper service
  • this is the best app a golfer can ever have due to its enhanced performance and features

Golf GPS RANGEF Finder Free

Best Apps Every Golfer

Download 500k+
Reviews 5k reviews
Size 2 MB


  • it is an excellent rangefinder app
  • it is simple, easy to use and golfing gps works well
  • it gives a good overhead view
  • it is very helpful as it assists in deciding club section and offers confidence in the execution of the shot
  • it is very accurate regarding distance
  • the most basic app for beginners
  • it has no ads
  • it does not drain your mobile’s battery
  • it is pretty accurate on yardage
  • it provides you pinpoint accuracy
  • it is accurate in measuring shot length
  • besides golf, you can use it for hunting too
  • it provides you the facility to measure multiple objects from your current position
  • gives you bird’s eye view of the area
  • it helps you improve your game
  • it provides you with an appealing interface
  • it uses very less amount of your mobile data; you can install it in just 2 mbs.

Final Word

This is The Best Apps Every Golfer.If You Have Any Questions Then Comment Below.

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